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Employment service for artists in the Oresund Region

The purpose of the project is to discuss the possibilities for establishing a joint employmentservice for artists in the Oresund Region. First it is important to assess the weaknesses andstrengths of such a service in the region, and to see if there is a need for such a service.The aim of an employment service for artists should be:1) a better employment service for professional artists in the periods where the artists do nothave enough work and income2) a better guidance for the artists, both in terms of present possibilities but also in terms ofalternative careers3) Visitate artists to courses at e.g. Artlab, Open University and other educationalinstitutions4) Information to the businesses in the region about the possibilities of using artists ascreative consultants5) Establishing closer cooperation with the different corporations in the region in order toarrange special jobs for artists.An employment service especially for artists should therefore contribute to creating better jobpossibilities and a better job market for artists.



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