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Employment of Disadvantaged Women: Development of Skills in Finding Job and Setting up Business
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In Europe and in Turkey, disadvantaged women (with low level of education, low socio-economic status, disabled, long term unemployed etc.) are in a vulnerable state in the labour market. Many of them are lacking the skills, job search skills, work experience and abilities to set up their own business. Disadvantaged women clearly need to be given the chance to acquire competenties to enter the labour market. To address this issue, this project will focus on unemployment and training problems of disadvantaged women. The project aims assisting disadvantaged women to find a suitable job by developing their job search skills, socializing skills and by encouraging them setting up their own business through developing appropriate innovative vocational training modules, counseling services and other instruments. Disadvantaged women will be encouraged to set up their own business by increasing their entrepreneurial potential and by redirecting them to get microcredits. The immediate objectives are: - To increase the number of disadvantaged women in suitable employment by providing vocational education modules for them; - Review current applications in partner countries about vocational education of disadvantaged women; - To develop an analysis regarding specific vocational training needs of disadvantaged women; - To develop appropriate job search skills and business building skills of disadvantaged women through vocational education modules, counseling services in career guidance and workshops; - To increase socializing skills and community participation of disadvantaged women through training modules and workshops; - Providing of the innovative modules and services to disadvantaged women in Turkey, Austria, France and Slovenia. - To disseminate good practices and methodologies on lifelong learning regarding social integration and career guidance of disadvantaged women. These aims are addressed to developing the quality and attractiveness of vocational education and training systems through increased cooperation with project partners and all relevant target groups. EDWOD project will use new methods, models, approaches and it’s an original project rather than a transfer project. The project’s partnership will develop an analyze regarding specific vocational training needs of disadvantaged women, through a need analyis survey with 50 persons (disadvantaged women, employers, experts about vocational education and training) in Turkey and 10 persons in partner countries. According to these need analysis innovative products and instruments (e.g. vocational training modules, workshops, seminars, website, books about the project) will be developed for the main target group, which are disadvantaged women. These products and instruments will be used by experts in the field of vocational education, finacial experts, employers, private sector players in vocational education institutions, universities, NGO's working with disadvantaged women, disabled people's organizations. All project materials will be in English and partners native languages, thus wide range of people will benefit from the developed materials. Also, project materials and developed strategies will be on display in project web site and e-learning system, each person who need information can reach the products. The developed modules and instruments will be provided to 100 disadvantaged women in Turkey and to 20 disadvantaged women in all partner countries, in the established local Training Clubs, which represent the local training and services situated in the participating organisation or in the target community. Each Training Club will be coordinated by a local person who knows how to work with local people and who has extensive expertise about providing training and counseling to disadvantaged women. For providing sustainability for the project we will benefit from the creeted dissemination tools that will display project results and products. We’ll provide that disadvantaged women and all other target groups will be active user of the project website which will be designed as they will be available for 4 years. In addition to furthering regional cooperation, the project builds on best European practice. The project focuses on networking and exchanging of ideas among organizations across Europe regarding various employment problems of disadvantaged women. Therefore the exchange of experiences and best practices among project partners will add value to the project by creating viable opportunities for supporting the integration of disadvantaged women into the labour market, addressing regional disparities, increasing the possibilities of lifelong learning.



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