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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EMPLEAMOS EUROPA III was introduced as an up-to-date edition of the two previous EMPESA mobility projects, and adapted to the new program ERASMUS+. The demands of the new programme have enabled the project to count on the support of local partners who acted as sending partners and also to better define the profiles of the participants who the bursaries were aimed at. EMPESA created a consortium which included the Luis Bruñel´s Centre for Professional training, the Simone Ortega Hotel and Tourism Industry (CIFP) and the Formation Centre of EMPESA which were considered “sending partners” and they signed a mandate with the coordinator which gave EMPESA the capacity to act in its name and representation within the framework of the project. At a European level, EMPESA has counted upon the colaboration of partners in the United Kingdom, Italia and Portugal: INTERN EUROPE (Belfast, United Kingdom, AEF (Florence, IT) y EUROYOUTH (Lisbon, PT) which have supported the consortium in the activities which had to do with the stays of the participants and with practical training. With these partners the coordinator signed an agreement in which each of their responsibilities were established. EMPLEAMOS EUROPA III gave the possibility of a bursary to 8 participants between the ages of 18 and 30 years old in order to carry-out quality practical training in businesses of different EU countries: The United Kingdom, Italy and Portugal, for 90 days. The participants received a linguistic support in Móstoles, except those who went to Portugal who attended an intensive course, 1 week in duration simultaneously with the practical training. EMPLEAMOS focused on a group on young people in which it has detected some particular shortcomings which made getting a job difficult for them and which could however be supplemented with a program like that which was proposed from EMPESA. This group was characterised by having hardly any work experience, by having a lack of practical training which gave them a certain specialisation after the theoretical training received, by not having mobility experience, national or abroad, which provided them with a greater overview of the labour market, by not possessing a sufficient language level in a market which is demanding at least the knowledge of a language as a prerequisite sine qua non, by having a lack of initiative spirit, etc. The EMPESA team, lead by Elena Rodríguez, specialist on employement and Rosa Ramos, coordinated the project and were ultimately responsible for the good progress of the different activities before, during and after the practical training: Project design, preparation of the participants before departure, organisation of the stays in the EU countries, looking for companies, collecting documents, evaluation and monitoring, etc. Beyond this main objective the project sought: - To offer the opportunity of carrying-out work experience to those who have still not had the possibility to have it. - To give the possibility of specialising in the field of the latest professional training received. - To have the real opportunity to associate training and employment, promoted by the European recommendations. - To have an international experience, with everything which is associated with it: knowledge of a new culture, improving knowledge of one or two languages. - To improve the linguistic competencies of the participants. - To encourage the emancipation of young people through this experience. - To encourage entrepreneurial, imaginative and autonomous spirit.


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