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EMJMD on Wine Tourism Innovation
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2020 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

REFERENCE: 564513-EPP-1-2015-1-ES-EPPKA1-JMD-MOB_WINTOURTITLE: Innovation in Wine Tourism, WINTOURObjectiveThe EMJMD Innovation in Wine Tourism (WINTOUR) offers a truly integrated study program that combines the expertise in Tourism and Oenology of three universities located in highly attractive touristic areas recognised with the label of human heritage by UNESCO. These areas also have a long tradition on wine, producing speciality wines, such as sparkling, fortified, aged red and sweet wines. Thus, tourism will be a good tool for selling wines as a product associated to the local culture. Furthermore, wine could be an additional attraction for the tourism industry. As a consequence WINTOUR aims at joining both concepts. Course durationTwo years (120 ECTS credits).Brief descriptionThe EMJMD is run jointly by University Rovira i Virgili (Spain), University of Bordeaux (France) and University of Porto (Portugal). The WINTOUR programme is structured in 120 ECTS credits divided in two years and 4 semesters. The first 3 semesters are taught each in one university. The last semester is devoted to the final internship that will be developed in the associated partners’ facilities, mostly the non-academic sector. Thus, students will have a common track of 90 ECTS credits, and a final professional internship for the development of the master's thesis of 30 ECTS credits consisting in the development of a new wine tourism product. The WINTOUR has faced the training using innovative approaches. First, the integration of several areas to put forward a new training that it is not offered elsewhere has been a must in development of this programme. Second, specific training of management and entrepreneurial abilities applied to wine and tourism. Third, the combination of wine and cultural heritage that will consider the local characteristics of the three regions. And fourth, an ambitious program of internships in a non-academic environment. For this purpose, the teaching programme will include modules on Wine Tourism and Marketing, Wine Making, Wine Heritage and three different types of internships with the active participation of the non-academic partners in the student training.Career prospectsThis programme is aimed at covering the absence of a new profession that needs a multidisciplinary training that incorporates different abilities. In order to allow students to connect with the world of work, they have to carry out three different types of internships, namely i) a tutored internship in the three wine producing regions, learning the basics of winemaking practices related with the speciality wines, ii) a specific internship during the Christmas Season, high sales period for the wine industry, where the students can learn from professional contact and iii) a professional internship in an associate partner's facilities that will be the final outcome of the overall programme and where students will have to develop a project related with the skills acquired. This project will be a new wine tourism product, and be defended in front of a tribunal composed by specialists. Also, the programme counts on the active participation of the non-academic partners (related industries and institutions) and possible employers in the student training.An international experienceWINTOUR students have the opportunity to study in three European countries and in three top wine producing and touristic regions of Europe. The programme takes place in an international environment with students and scholars from all over the world. All the courses are taught in English.DiplomaWINTOUR students will receive a WINTOUR Joint Diploma and a joint diploma supplement issued by the three participating universities.Website



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