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EMIL - Europiska modeller för integration och lärande
Date du début: 7 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 6 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the project we plan to develop our work within the field of internationalism. Teachers with different backgrounds (9) and management (1) will participate in the European week in Paderborn, Germany in 2016 and 2017 organised by the partner Westfalische Forum. The objective is to broaden the European dimension but also to participate in discussions concerning learning methods and pedagogy with colleagues from other countries in Europe. The European week is a conference where most of the European countries are represented. Our partners in the Erasmus+ project CLOU will also participate and this enables us to develop our contacts even further. The main objective with the activity job shadowing at our partner school in Ireland is to follow the everyday lives of the teachers. This activity enables us to share experiences and reflect about strengths and weaknesses in our own school/system. We increase our knowledge within this field and we also strengthen our professionalism. Furthermore we receive important insight into the everyday life of another European country. It is also of interest to discuss transparency and equivalent assessment and integration. 5 teachers with good knowledge of English will participate. In the activity the European week the participants will gain intercultural competence and a larger awareness about the European dimension but they will also learn new teaching methods. Another objective is to gain knowledge about methods to prevent early school- leaving at our school. The main objective for the activity job shadowing in Ireland is to exchange experiences and reflect about strengths and weaknesses in the organisation but also to compare curriculum and syllabus. The teachers will also improve their language skills. In the long run the international profile of the school is strengthened and the school will rise in esteem. It also makes it easier to find suitable partners for future projects.



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