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Embodied Peacebuilding - Compassion in Action in a Changing World
Date du début: 3 mai 2016, Date de fin: 2 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In current political and social situation with spreading nationalism, radicalization of the political and religious groups, it is essential that people are equipped with peace building skills, as well as understand themselves in midst of conflict and thus decide to act from place of tolerance and respect. Project ''Embodied Peacebuilding - Compassion in Action in a Changing World" is an 8-days training course designed in collaboration of 15 partners with aim to explore and develop peace building methods that are based on work with body and movement, as well as to enhance participants' skills of self-awareness and self-reflection, empathic and honest communication and conflict resolution. This training course was created to foster efficient leadership in peace building practices that meet the need of youth organizations to lead the way for more tolerance and respect in the face of growing xenophobia and fear for unknown future. It inspires young people to take responsibility in their hands and lead the way to build another strategy to maintain, spread and sustain peace in Europe and outside of it. This project will take place in Liepaja, Latvia and involve 31 full-time participants and experts from Croatia, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary, Germany and Czech Republic - youth workers and group leaders, community facilitators and trainers who want to build the culture based on principles of solidarity, shared power, inclusion and peaceful existence.The course is based on non-formal and embodied learning principles and methods, while exploring how embodied learning approaches can be used in different realities within youth work and non-formal education. Participants will be empowered to address conflict and see peace building possibilities among groups of different races, religions, social and political backgrounds, as well as overcome difficulties and opinion differences in their own organizations. This course is unique as it combines verbal, non-verbal peace building approaches ,as well as gives tools for personal development work and exploration, so that peace building is embedded in every action of individual and organization and becomes integral part of it.Embodied learning methods contribute to both, professional and personal development of the learners, which means that through practices, activities and approaches used during this training course, participants will develop a centered presence - grounded way of being in their bodies and practicing leadership with the ability to act and respond to their own needs, as well as to the needs of others, the community and organizations.One of the main results of this project will be development and exchange of innovative learning methodologies in peace building. Participants will learn how to present peace building activities in their societies in a playful and creative way. Since all partners want to expand their working scope in peace education, participants will be given methods to be used and adapted to their realities and implement local peace building initiatives within the framework of the project. Thus the project will also foster cooperation among all partners, further developing and exchanging ideas and practices on peace building and embodiment, and contribute to strengthening peace in participants' communities.



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