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The project resulted in the on-going cooperation between local administration units, schools and civil associations of the cross-border region in preserving the biodiversity of habitats along the Mura River, on both the Hungarian and Croatian sides of the border. The goal of the project was to develop recommendations for use of the environment in the wider area of the Mura basin and its confluents (Lendva, Kerka), to implement the techniques of traditional management of flood plains, and to introduce soft tourism and bio-agriculture as a way of long-term preservation of the existing marshes and forests. The objective is to increase respect towards the river basin values, encourage their affirmation in everyday life, improve the living conditions of the local population and raise the sense of belonging to the area. Achievements: Several joint events in the cross-border area were organized during the course of the project: presentation of the project to the public, an open competition for Hungarian and Croatian school children, competitions and travelling exhibitions (in 10 locations), an information point was set up at the School of Professional Higher Education in Agriculture, several popular scientific books were published: Volim ovu rijeku (I love this river a textbook), Zemlja hirovitih voda (Land of Volatile Waters a collection of regional history in Hungarian and Croatian), Biocenoze poplavne doline Mure (Biocenoses of the Mura Flood Plain a study on the researched biocenoses in Hungarian and Croatian), and finally, a project closing event. Apart from the project partners, the participants in the events and research included numerous schools, civil associations and local people from both sides of the border.



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  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform

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