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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Akademie Überlingen is an economically, regional established, fixed European educational institution with a large network of partners. The project “ELLA” Europäisch Lernen und Leben im Ausland (European learning and living abroad) supports work experience abroad during a vocational training (if possible from the second year of training) in Europe. Through this stay abroad (in Europe) trainees have the possibility to quality themselves and learn new skills. They learn about new working competences and upgrade their language skills. It is the aim to increase decision-making and responsibility through acquisition of vocational skills and language skills. The Akademie Überlingen organises the stay and prepares participants together in close collaboration with the training place and the vocational school. The host organizations take care of the participants. Our strategic aim is the internationalization and a secure future for trainees, to win professional workers for the companies of our region. Our development concept is about: the human, professional and cultural diversity, welcome and recognition – culture.The “ELLA” project promotes trust in European cooperation and equality rights for all. We support the future and the economic success of organization and companies. The project “ELLA” is a pool project of the Akademie Überlingen in cooperation with transnational partners for trainees from the whole of Germany. We completed two previous projects “EuBeLe” under the framework of Leonardo da Vinci and “Eule” under the Erasmus+ programme. We had 60 pool project places (Eule) for apprenticeships from the whole federal republic with a planed minimum period of time of 3 weeks (different flows, individual dates, preparation of the stay abroad in days- or weekend seminars).The project promotes further the gaining of experience in European vocational institutions or companies and learn new language skills by our teachers and staff. For the following work placement sectors are work experience abroad planned in: tourism, commercial and administrative sector, handcraft, services, IT, industrial and technical and health care professions. The accommodation is mainly organised in host families with half board or in group lodging (for example shared houses) with self catering. The favorite partner countries are France, England, Northern Irland, Italy and Malta.Our concrete objectives are:- Improvement of adaptability to the needs of the labor market- To sensitize for mobility and reduce mobility constraints- Extension and application of language skills in a real working- and learning environment- Recognition of competences and qualifications- Increasing of the competence level of risk groups (disadvantaged young adults, drop outs, immigrants, people with migration background and people with handicaps)- Making the apprentice ship more attractive through development of working skills and competences despite the demographic changes- to attract trainees of the region for the dual and academic training to train them near their hometowns and train them in their occupational field.The transnational partners are long term partners of the Akademie Überlingen in different EU projects. As the cooperation experiences are very positive the transnational partners are responsible for the welfare of the participants, for finding accommodation and find suitable work placements. Adequate skilled workers will be responsible for these tasks. Due to the frame of the project the participants can go to a language course during their stay. The selection of the participants is carried out in close cooperation with the training places and the vocational school and happens in several stages.A learning agreement between trainee, training place and work placement abroad must be agreed and signed by each party. Monitoring with questionnaires, weekly reports, feedback meetings and regular conversations with the participants and the hosting organization are the basis for our process and to ensure quality during the whole project period. After the successful ending of the stay abroad the participants receive the Europass Mobility, Europass Language certificate (if applicable), a work placement certificate and an attendance report of the receiving company.



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