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Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 1 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Elisabethinum is a vocational college focusing on modern languages and logistics. In addition to business economics and languages our students gain profound knowledge in the catering industry on an international level. Following the trend of internationalisation our school wants to enable the students to get to know foreign companies. Thus, we are trying to motivate the students to complete the obligatory 3-month-internship abroad. This way, they can qualify on an international level and broaden their knowledge in the fields of catering, logistics, tourism and the organisation of leisure time activities. The aims of the project are manifold: the students strengthen their competencies by getting to know the world of work in various European countries. They broaden their horizons, improve their language as well as intercultural skills and intensify their know-how in the tourism industry. This year 11 students are going to complete their internship in Germany: They are going to work in the service, kitchen , office, perform organisational tasks, care for the well-being of children and guests, assist in the organisation of cultural highlights etc. The participants of the project are highly committed, have excellent language skills, are used to working in a team and are very interested in foreign culture and customs. Of course, the participants are in contact with the school management all the time, especially with Mag. Christina Röck(school principal) and Mag. Helene Schneeweis. In the long run students should develop a better understanding for Europe, establish a network and pass on their experiences to younger students of our school. The internationalisation of the training will certainly be another asset of our college.



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