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Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde - the commissioning agent for vocational services to the recovery community has over recent months brought together 30 organisations with a focus on identifying and learning about Good Practice in education and training both within the UK and beyond. This Project seeks to introduce a new element to vocational training for people who are in recovery.The Partnership seeks to • Create pathways from volunteering to education to employment• Offer greater inclusion of disadvantaged groups• Enable people to gain skills and qualifications • Ensure our education, training and policies contribute to Europe 2020 objectives, smart, sustainable and inclusive growthGCA, NHSGGC and Light on the Path have formed a consortium to develop and implement vocational training programmes matched to the aspirations and career development plans of both vocational learners from the recovery community and staff delivering learning services. It was identified that there is a need to learn about entrepreneurship from which to embed vocational learning, to meet the organisation needs including identifying and developing new models of service to enable those people in recovery to build on their recovery capital and contribute to their community as citizens of Europe not just of Glasgow.The project builds on existing programmes by offering work placement and learning opportunities in the EU. This will give a wider work and social perspective to their milieu. For them to thrive in the future, it is crucial individuals gain a wider perspective and experience different ways of working and cultures.The target learner participants will be in vocational training programmes or have completed within the last year before they travel. Staff participants will be working in delivery of learning or management and it fits with their individual and organisational development.The main activities of the Project will be Mobility experience for learners of which there will be 5 cohorts of 2 – 4 weeks, dependent on the needs of learner, current vocational training programme and employment situation. Stage 1: Awareness Raising Stage 2: Recruitment and Selection Stage 3: Preparation, individual assessment and development planning Stage 4: The Mobility experience Stage 5: Reflection, Review and Evaluation Stage 6: DisseminationThere will be 4 staff trips of 5 days each matched to individual development plans and organisational needs. These will be focused on job shadowing and learning from European good practice as a platform for vocational training and development. Learning will be disseminated across the PSP and into Strategic planning for the Scottish Government. The lessons learnt from both learners and staff will be analysed to develop future programmes designed to meet the needs of the recovery community and contribute to the economy as a whole as they sustain employment and reduce benefit dependency.Learner participants will benefit from increased confidence, employability, cultural awareness and inspiration to keep learning and keep their European links. They will change from being a citizen of Glasgow to a citizen of Europe. They will have a different outlook, insights to share with their friends, colleagues and employers. Their understanding of other cultures will be enriched and they will be able to offer this understanding to future employers. They will also have increased language skills, and confidence. VET staff and, in turn, their organisations, will develop deeper understanding of European Good Practice in vocational training for this group which this impact on the quality of provision in Scotland as the participating organisations will test out these models here in the UK and utilise them in future development. The learning from this Project will increase the economic impact of vocational training for the participants by increasing retention and sustainability.• It will develop equal opportunities and overcome barriers to individuals who wish to access training, education and employment opportunities. • Remove the stigma and change employer’s perception of individuals in recovery. Regional Contribute to the PSP’s aim to introduced a more recovery focused Work Programme for individuals in recovery at local and national levelEuropean • . earn from and demonstrate to other EU member states how a recovery oriented education and training programme can improve employability capital and improve access to employment.Social Benefits- individuals becoming active and contributing members of society - increased social skills, health and well-being of individuals- providing safer, stronger communitiesPatient Benefits- sustaining improvements in physical/mental health, emotional, social and physical well-being of individualsEconomic Benefits- reducing the local and global environmental impact through improved skilled workforce- sustaining reduced criminal activity and anti-



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