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Elektromobilita a energeticky úsporné stavby
Date du début: 20 juin 2016, Date de fin: 19 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Elektromobility and Low-energy Building The objective of the project is to organize two professional trainings in Spain for students of the third year of study at our school, namely in the Mechanical Engineering, Building Construction and Technical Lyceum study programmes. The first training will be organized in October 2016 in collaboration with Colegio Salesiano Santísima Trinidad and will be focused on Electromobility. The other training will take place in March/April 2017 at EEPP SAFA Nuestra Señora de los Reyes and its program is called Self-sufficient Solar House. Both trainings will be arranged for two groups of 14 students and will take place in Sevilla for the duration of two weeks, out of which ten days will be devoted to the vocational training conducted in English.The aim of the project stems from a principal necessity to prepare students for their future entrance to the job market. Both internships are prepared professionally to a high quality standard and they substantially supplement and expand the profile of qualifications of the students of our school. Students will also learn about broader contexts of mechanical engineering, construction, and technology as well as opportunities for their future employment, including the possibilities of working or studying in Spain. They will be motivated to further development in their professional field and to gain new knowledge; thanks to international experience they will also acquire self-confidence in the use of foreign languages. Besides the above-mentioned schools, our project is prepared and realized in collaboration with euroMind which is the intermediary institution that provides us with organizational and professional support with preparation and implementation if the project. EuroMind will also arrange cultural program, accomodation, catering. local transport and support to the participants. Our school will arrange the purchase of flight tickets and travel insurance and provide one accompanying teacher for each group, as well as vocational and language preparation of the participants. Together with our Spanish partners, our school will also outline the content of the trainings. The project is scheduled for the school year 2016/2017. For the preparation of our project we have selected such partners who have a lot of experience with the organization of individual mobility projects and who are also able to implement and cooperate on a high-quality programme according to The European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET). Together we have already commenced the preparations in autumn 2015 by getting together and defining the learning outcomes and their units, as well as agreeing on suitable dates.After the successful completition of the training, the participants will receive the Europass Mobility certificate.The impact of the project will be an increase in competitive ability of our students as future graduates and applicants for further employment in the field. Demand for specialists in mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as sustainable constructions in the Czech Republic and around Europe is very high, and it is very likely the project’s participants will find employment more easily.The impact for the involved partners as institutions is significant. Through the project we will gain new experience and establish new partnerships, acquire new contacts, prestige, and the transfer of organizational and professional experience of our staff. Last but not least, we will develop the methodology and learning units for the internships in Electromobility and Self-sufficient Solar House, which can be used by other schools and applicants throughout Europe.



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