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Elektrik Elektronik Alanı Öğrencilerimizin Çevre Dostu Elektrik Üretim Yöntemleri Stajı
Date du début: 18 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 17 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Lasting changes have arose in ecological systems because of the factors such as the excessive consumption of fossil fuels as a result of technological development as of the 18th century, the rapid destruction of forests, the increasing urbanisation and industrialisation. A 1.5-4.5-degree temperature increase is expected by 2040 due to the constantly rising greenhouse gas emissions, but it is obvious that this target can't be achieved according to the 2012 report of the International Energy Agency and it is understood that there will be a 6-degree increase if there isn't any change in the existing conditions. When it is considered that natural resources are rapidly running out because of the constantly increasing use, it is clear that each sector must fulfil their part with the sense of responsibility in terms of using alternative energy sources reducing emissions. In this regard, Turkey's national vision within the "National Climate Change Strategy Paper" approved by the Higher Planning Council and effectuated on 3th May 2010 is explained so; " to be a country which integrated the climate change policies into the development policies; promoted energy efficiency; encouraged the use of clean and renewable energy sources; participate actively in the fight against climate change within its special conditions and can provide well-being with higher life quality for its all citizens along with low carbon intensity” and it is encouraged to generate electricity power from renewable sources, especially wind energy though the Laws No. 4628 and 5346. Our project aims to provide the participant students with practical training and vocational development related to the electricity generation with wind energy spreading rapidly and solar energy expected to spread rapidly; and to get our students specialized in these areas to be one of the most popular professions soon and to facilitate their employment. In line with this aim, our students studying Electrical and Electronics Technology in 11th and 12th grades will be included in an intensive practical training on wind energy and on solar energy in Portugal and Czech Republic as groups of 19 students between 12 / 02 / 2017 and 11 / 03 / 2017. 2 teacher will accompany a total of 38 students during the training. The methodologies of project management, training and promotion will be used within the project; a project management team will be created, the activities will be coordinated and the results will be evaluated with the project management methodology; the training method will help us reach the targeted level in terms of vocational aspect; and our school especially the Ministry of EU and the National Agency will be promoted and the expected project results will be transmitted to and shared with broad masses through the promotion method.The impacts and results expected to be acquired thanks to the project can be summarized as follows;• to provide our students and accompanying teachers with professional experience through practices in the European institutions expert in practical applications of wind and solar energy use• to see European practices in order to reduce the energy consumed in buildings and the relevant greenhouse gas emissions thanks to solar energy and to make the cost-benefit calculation• to prepare the base for a sustainable cooperation between our institution and the private sector at European level and to transfer innovative practices to our country• to draw attention to alternative energy generation methods by sharing the acquisitions with private sector representatives, vocational education institutions and relevant students and teachers• to improve general and vocational foreign language levels• to enable the participant students to pursue a career in a specific area• to introduce European culture to the participants and to promote our countryThe expected long term benefits of the project are to increase the quality of our education institutions especially in our province and region, to make contribution lowering the energy dependence on foreign sources and to ensure the participant students in the sector.



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