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ELectronics, Ict and CAtering in Motion
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project wants to address the needs of young people (15-17yrs) who attend the VET courses provided by our organization. These courses are compulsory and they are an alternative to more traditional education such as secondary school. It is important to strengthen the students’ competencies needed by the labour market and also the transversal competencies such as "Citizenship" in order not to create a gap between the world of work and the training provided during the VET courses. Our students come from disadvantaged families with social and economical difficulties but in spite of this, in some of them we find a very high motivation and their commitment is good, and so are the results. But they could never afford or cope with a training period abroad by themselves. On entering the labour market they might be weak as they don’t possess a high qualification so it is very important that their professional and transversal competencies be good. In detail, these competencies are - Autonomy / independence - Working with others and in teams - Managing expenses/money - Problem solving - Organizing information - Carrying our tasks - Monitoring activities and results The project will consist of a 30 days work placement for 25 students who will be selected among those attending our 3 or 2 years courses in the following fields: ICT/electron ics, restoration and bar, auto mechanics’, carpentry and hairdressing. The work placements will be carried out in Northern Ireland, Germany and Spain. A team consisting of the project manager and of trainers, tutors and mentors will be in charge of selecting the participants and of preparing them for their experience abroad from a professional, linguistic and intercultural point of view. The mobilities will be carried out in the summer holidays between the 2nd and 3rd year with the aim of supporting the students in the acquisition of a stronger independence for their future profession and to strengthen the meaning of European citizenship. Their progresses will be monitored and constantly evaluated. It is a short project, due to the characteristic background of the participants and because they need to be accompanied both physically and professionally. The expected impact is threefold: on the participants whose competencies will be strengthened, on the accompanying persons (trainers) who will have the chance to be in contact with similar organizations but which might work in a different way and finally on the sending organization which wants to offer this opportunity of a work placement abroad to a increasing number of students and will reinforce its competencies by working with other European partners.



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