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Electromagnetic Pollution by Installations for Electricity Production, Transmission Lines, Substations, Transport Intra and Inter Cities and Appliances
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In many countries in the world are now carrying out programs of research on electromagnetic pollution effects on the environment, with the main objective to evaluate and to apply methods for reducing the intensity of magnetic fields produced by power lines, transformer stations, electric power networks to housing, as well as appliances . Through this project with a duration of three years, we aim to improve at a European dimension the quality of professional competencies and personal skills of our students, by bringing into attention the phenomenon of electromagnetic pollution and its implications on the environment and studying ways to reduce its effects, by developing partnerships with European schools, companies and social partners, towards a successful integration on the labor market. Specific objectives: - Study of the existing researches on electromagnetic effects - Raise the awareness on the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution on humans, flora and fauna - Study of protective measures against the phenomenon of pollution that attacks the nervous system and acts continuously on every living organism on the planet - Develop the spirit of conservation and environmental protection by limiting the expansion of the range of this type of pollution - Enrich the professional knowledge and personal skills of students and develop their active citizenship in the view of their better integration on society - Create a European partnership to educate and train the young generation in order to improve the quality of their competencies, with relevance for the labor market, for a better integration after graduation. Participant organizations are VET schools, companies working in energy transmission, a company for professional training of youth and an NGO dealing with different aspects of young people’s education and social integration and together, bringing their expertise, they will create a European synergy for teach students, using attractive methods, in the view of improving their professional competencies and to facilitate their integration in work life. All partners will bring their contribution to the project, from their different background and points of view, bringing their expertise for the common achievement of the project objectives, which will improve the quality of the project results and will increase the impact on the beneficiaries. The activities planned to conduct to the objectives’ fulfillment are: - Workshops for collecting information in the target field - Study the local and European norms and standards - Elaboration of a Study module and e-learning module which will include the following chapters: Electromagnetic effects, Local and European norms and standards, Methods of prevention of electromagnetic pollution, Environment protection, social responsibility, Development of vocational career and entrepreneurship - Students mobility to test the Study module - Dissemination activities: website, newsletters, Brochure and dissemination Conference. The study module will be first elaborated for face-to-face learning, will be tested and improved, then will be developed on e-learning platform, to be more attractive for students and also to be easier made available for similar schools or to other interested actors in Europe. It will incorporate knowledge and experience of each partner and also the European experience gained through the project, which will be an innovative element and will bring added value to each partner organization and more widely in Europe. Participants will have the opportunity to improve their professional skills by working together with other European professionals in similar or related fields, by exchanging experiences and developing new teaching modules. The quality of their work will be improved by adding a European value to their knowledge, given by the contribution of schools, companies and NGO from different countries and having different backgrounds. This project will increase the interest for European cooperation, will motivate participants to continue develop their knowledge and to perform their work to a higher level of quality. For students, the European mobility will bring added value to their professional preparation by new knowledge acquired at a European level and by exchanges with colleagues from other countries, which will increase their interest in the chosen profession and their self-confidence, improving their chances to join the European labor market. This project will be the first step towards the development of vocational education at a European quality, by teaching subjects of high interest adapted to the modern economy, promoting creativity, which will increase the attractiveness of technical education. Raising the standard of professional training and motivating students to learn a technical profession and the collaboration with local companies, are factors that will increase the employability of graduates and their social insertion.



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