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ELectric Vehicle communication to Infrastructure, Road services and Electricity supply (ELVIRE)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2010, Date de fin: 31 mars 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

For E.V.s, the development of an interactive electric energy ICT & Service interface between the vehicle and its electricity infrastructure is of utmost importance, next to creating effective business models.The rationale of this project is to contribute significantly to neutralize the driver's "range anxiety" and encourage the customers to embark the fully electric road transport.Therefore the objective of "ELVIRE" is to develop an on-board electric energy communication & service platform for realistic use-cases including the relevant external communication and services. For this purpose the following actions will be taken:•\tselect representative use-cases according to realistic scenarios and business-models•\tidentify & develop those off-board ICT & services needed to comply with the use cases•\tdevelop "Prototypes" for the on-board Communication and E-energy service unit•\tverify all integrated sub-systems on prototype level and demonstrate the proof of concept.Great emphasis is placed on the "openness of the Electricity-service platform" granting access to multiple players maintaining the customers' choice.ELVIRE is structured into 5 work packages, with:•\tWP 1000\tcovering the project administration, legal aspects and dissemination and the inclusion of complementary RTD•\tWP 2000\tdefines relevant mission data for the use case in consideration of technical and commercial aspects•\tWP 3000\taddresses the external E-Service provision and the necessary E-IC instruments•\tWP 4000 \tdevelops the e-communication device and the OEM-neutral universal on-board E-communication and service platform•\tWP 5000 conducts integration and usability tests and the overall system validation.ELVIRE will become crucial to future electric road transport by closing the gap between vehicle technology and the off-board E-ICT and service environment. ELVIRE will have strong impact by strengthening competitiveness, energy efficiency and reduce emissions and improve by promoting electrification.



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