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Electric Motor based on PArallel paTH effect (EMPATHY)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EMPATHY aims at developing an innovative configuration of permanent magnet electrical motor, based on the evolution of the FSPM (Flux Switching Permanent Magnet) architecture, enabling to limit torque ripple which traditionally affects such a configuration, opening the way to the industrial exploitation of magnetic flux switching motors, which are able to offer unparalleled performance.The novel unit will be characterised by very high efficiency at all operating rotational speeds and loads, and by high specific power and torque value; cost effectiveness and ease of manufacturing will be also achieved.The motor will be developed for transport applications and it will be integrated into electric city cars and electric quadrcycles.The project will develop the novel architecture according to the following technical targets:1. Max torque to weight ratio > 12 Nm/Kg;2. Torque ripple < 5% over the whole operating range;3. Efficiency < 96% @ nominal power > 90% over the whole operating range;The EMPATHY architecture will be specialised into an external rotor, wheel rotor configuration, prototyping a system rated 5 kW @ 1200 rpm, according to the specifications set by EON and ELECTRICARS for their road vehicle applications.The novel architecture will also have to comply with the following industrial targets:• Improved manufacturing and maintenance;• Simple stamped steel laminate rotor, no coils or magnets;• Simple, single plane stator windings, non need for special windings machines;• High efficiency, hence limited need for heat dissipation components;• Decentralized electric motor solution with integrated electronics for better functionality, flexibility, operating costs and noise;• Reduction of components costs;• High specific power and torque → reduced use of materials;• Reduced use of copper ( >10%);• Use of ferritic magnets, no need of rare earth magnets.



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