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Elaborating joint tools for environmental education as efficient mean of management of protected areas (Back to Nature)
Date du début: 15 juin 2009, Date de fin: 27 févr. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Within this project, five institutions dealing with nature conservation carried out numerous creative activities to educate students and raise public awareness on environmental issues, focusing specifically on the bogs and wetlands of our region. Achievements: Project activities included field studies, trainings and joint camps for Latvian and Estonian students, as well as exhibits and developing of a large variety of attractive study materials to be used at class as well as in nature (available online on EE and LV partner websites). More information please find at:



  • 85.1%   554 758,23
  • 2007 - 2013 Estonia - Latvia (EE-LV)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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