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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EL PUERTO PRACTICA EUROPA is the 9th mobility project for employment that the City Council of El Puerto de Santa María submitted under the different European Programmes. This time, however, the City is supported by a group of VET schools, having the quality of sending partners and participating in all phases of project implementation. These sending partners are: the Institute of Secondary Education (IES) José Luis Tejada Peluffo, IES Mar de Cádiz, IES Pedro Muñoz Seca and Professional Schools Holy Family San Luis), and their main function is to select a group of young participants to participate in the planned mobilities in European companies. Given the success of previous projects, the Partnership presents the new EL PUERTO PRACTICA EUROPA as logical mobility policy and training conducted in recent years. In this case, the new project will target 15 young participants from the city. This young people will have to be graduated in VET middle grade, be unemployed and have no previous work experience. Internationally, EL PUERTO PRACTICA has a selection of international partners that allow monitoring the participants during their training periods, and whose role has been crucial for the selection of host companies. These partners are: EUROYOUTH, in Lisbon (Portugal), XENA in Padua (Italy), INTERN EUROPE in Belfast (UK). The internships will last three months and thanks to them, it will be completed the theoretical training of these young people, together with the academic preparation, and this will allow young participants to have more chances of getting quality work related to their training. The project's main objective is to improve the training of the youth of El Puerto de Santa María to facilitate their employment, and this general objective is supported by a serie of specific objectives that are: -To Meet the needs of local business training skilled manpower in areas consistent with the real demands of the market. - Increase skill levels of young workers and unemployed graduates, focusing on their technical or professional specialization in business in another EU country, continuing their training and improved language and intercultural skills. - Promoting entrepreneurship among young people. With this project we intend to strengthen sectors such as tourism, hospitality, management of the environment or social work, and contribute to the modernization of local businesses. -Guiding participants through the Employment Agency and Career Guidance Units from the City Council and expand access to training and employment resources throughout the EU level. - To improve the skills and competencies of young people according to European standards with regard to their social and professional integration. -To Contribute to the creation of new employment. - Allow more entrepreneurship among young people. - Support access to continuing vocational training with a view to increasing and developing the ability of the participants and to adapt to organizational and technological changes, through different forms of learning (formal, informal and non-formal) - Facilitate companies in southern Spain specialized profiles and / or work experience. Besides these mobilities, City Hall, as coordinator, will provide added value to the project by a complete custom program employability pathways, making available to the participants on their return from stays all employment counseling. In short, these are some of the results or benefits of implementing ERASMUS PRACTICA EUROPA: * Perform a quality training practice in Europe, increasing professional experience in the specific labor sector participant. * Training in personal skills (autonomy, sense of responsibility and communication skills, etc.) and transversal competences (digital skills, entrepreneurship, multilingualism, etc.). * Making a life experience. * Getting better guarantees for full integration into the labor market.



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