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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With this project we intend to follow the line of work that until now have had with previous European volunteers.Their presence and the municipality and work in the department of youth and children of the City of Alaquàs lies in the following aspects:.- We want to be part of collective associative young municipality..-We want to integrate more as a young man using local businesses and municipal services..- We want to share accommodation with young Alaquàs a profile similar to yours to encourage emancipation, the exchange of culture, the practice of a foreign language and delate stereotypes..-We want to contribute their ideas and creativity to our annual projects and day to day with their constant work.To achieve this we ask that volunteers collaborate on the following public appeals:.- Direct attention in youth information center.- Assist in the daily tasks in the playgrounds and L'espai. (Leisure and fun learning for children from 3-8 years old).-Collaborate in the Eurodesk and European Youth Portal network.. Conduct workshops-language (English and French).-Dissemination of local campaigns aimed at young people and awareness (international cooperation and environment) in public schools..- Assist in the development and implementation of projects of the Europe for Citizens program..-Work with the youth group of correspondents in public schools..-Collaborate in the European Youth Week.We expect and hope that both the European volunteer and youth in the municipality to share accommodation with them, as well as associations and commercial fabric of the people, it is a very good cultural experience and encourage students in public institutions and users our youth center to actively participate in projects of international character.



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