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El Arte, Herramienta del Futuro
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"El Arte, Herramienta del Futuro" (Art, Tools of the Future) is a project organized by the Association MAD for Europe, which will take place from 11 to 17 September 2016. The meeting place is the city of Madrid, capital of Spain, with a wide cultural offer. We are convinced that it represents the ideal place for realizing our project activities.The project has been organized together with 5 other European partners, they are:-Giovani Per l'Europa (Italy);-Asociatia Edulifelong (Romania);-Unique Projects (Lithuania);-Sukromna stredna odborna skola (Slovakia);-Fundacja Instytut Innowacji (Poland).This project will gather togheter a total of 30 participants, aged between 18 and 26 years, coming from these 5 partner countries and will be selected by our partners in each country (5 participants). After the selection phase, each partner organization will carry out a series of informative and training sessions that will be provided to participants before departure, necessary to define all the bureaucratic details, answering any questions and make easier the socialization within the group.Each country will have a group leader who will support our participants from their departure, during the entire youth exchange, until the arrival back to their countries of origin. Three months before the exchange, from 20 to 22 June, one member of each partner organization will come to Madrid for the preparatory visit, where they will meet with the team of Mad for Europe, and all together we will address the last tassels of the project, clarify last doubts and we will visit all the places where activities we'll be developed, including the accommodation and the meeting rooms.In agreement with the participating organizations, it was decided to give a chance to young people to develop a theme that reflects the interests and the real needs of all participants, regardless of their origin: Art as development of transversal skills, new skills useful to increase job opportunity for young people.The designed work program will get participants to easily overcome the barriers of different culture or language. This diversity will be a basic issue due to the presence of different countries. We will always take into account the various proposals that young participants would present in order to contribute during the realization of the project.The project will have a total of 7 major activities that will be shared by days; these activities are fully creative, where Art is the protagonist of each, all are focused on different aspects of working life, helping young people to overcome possible obstacles and fears that may arise in their future jobs.Most of the activities will be realized outdoors, in open spaces like the Parque del Retiro or the streets of the historic center of Madrid. During these activities, participants not only will work in groups, they will also have to involve to the local citizens.A work program that pursues important goals: -to make the youth familiar with the workplaces through culture and art, stimulating their initiative and promoting self-employment; - to become aware of other socio-cultural realities, putting closely the diversity of cultures and traditions of other countries;-to break prejudices and suspicion, by spreading the European Union's fundamental values: freedom, mutual respect and dialogue; - to propose cultural and artistic activities at professional level and as as proposed alternatives to juvenile dispersion and marginalization;-the progress of creativity for new working knowledge.Once the project will be completed, we will deliver to each participant the Youthpass Certificate assessing the European mobility experience and the acquisition of professional and personal skills through non formal education.The main impact of the project and the partnership will be the shared learning experience between all participants.To spread, globally, the obtained results, we will activate a project website, which will link to the websites of all partner organizations so that all those who are interested can have free and global access to them.There will be a constant evaluation of the entire project, starting from the previous preparation phase to the dissemination of results.The project is not only a great experience for involved people, it is also enthusiasm about meeting many different and interesting people, discovering different realities and live an different situation, know the habits, customs and history of such an important region as Spain, specifically of its capital Madrid, opening the gates of a city for Europe and for all Europeans.



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