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Ekologiczny i inteligentny dom
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Three partners have been invited to participate in the project entitled “Ecological and intelligent house”. The project concerns the cooperation of participants from different countries with the idea to achieve particular objectives. In this project students and teachers mobilities are planned which will have a great impact on the participants of the project. All participants will communicate in English. The project aims to acquaint the students with alternative energy sources as well as with modern and ecological technologies used in “intelligent” houses. Through the activities included in this project the youth’s awareness of issues on pro-ecological actions will be increased. The project will also enable to combine the theoretical knowledge gained from education together with practical actions. This project is going to show that the protection of environment is not only local but also a global problem. Meanwhile the use of new technologies in everyday life may influence the reduction of environmental degradation The project will increase the interest of science and technical subjects which may help the students to choose their education path. At the same it will contribute to create intelligent and well educated society. The project will enable the collaboration among the students from different countries and at the same time will develop the ability to cooperate in specific tasks which is crucial in further life path. This kind of cooperation will also enable the systematic development of the participants’ language abilities. Taking part in this project will not only help the students to gain new skills in science and technical subjects but it will also broaden their European horizons. All the goals included in the project will be performed through specific actions which have already been planned. Experienced teachers will influence the quality of the results and they will encourage and inspire the students for further creative actions and solutions within this project. All project activities will be the subject to systematic evaluation. All results gained within this project will be available for everybody so that people can have access to them and use them for their own purposes.



2 Participants partenaires