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Date du début: 2 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 1 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will be carried out in school year 2016 / 2017 by the Maciej Rataj Schools Complex of Agricultural Education Centre in Mieczyslawow. Our German partner will be a training centre- DEULA Nienburg. In the internship ther will be group of 18 pupils of the technical vocational school- studying as agricultural technician and mechanization of agricultural technician. All participants in the project have basic knowledge of the farming, the equipment needed for the farming, the operation of spraying machines theoretically. They have also a basic theoretical knowledge about the environmental protection. Participants in the internship are interested in agricultural area. The main aim of the project is to improve the thereotical and practical konowlegde in area of environmental methods of the farming with the special orientation on the plant protection. During the internship pupils will be able to familiarise with service and the work with the most modern equipment and devices used at works in the farming. They will also be able to learn bases of the operation of modern machines and the equipment applied in the German agriculture in particular applying spraying machines norms and principles applying to plant protections in Germany. Participants will have a chance to participant in pracitical training in German companies doing specialist equipment and agricultural machines.Before the internship , 22 participants will have 140 hour course which include : Germany language,culture ang history.They will undergo the pedagogic and professional preparation. Trainees will be introduced with health and safety regulations both during the journey and while staying in the training centre. Teachers of the school specializing in given field, largely will be giving classes participants in similar internships organised for teachers in Erasmus+ frameworks of the programme or earlier LdV. During the internship there will be a monitoring visit After students return they will prepare a report about project as well as they will prepare in 6 personal group presentation which will be used in the process of teaching future students.To acquire practical knowlegde about operation of the equipment and devices needed i furure work will let trainees from our school for getting practical professional skills and raising his professional competence. Gained abilities and experience will make a chance to easier start young people in their proffesional path. Participants in the internship will move known solutions to their future occupational activity.The involvement in the project will contribute also to the personal development of pupils, will motivate them for the further learning as well as will influence the development of the assertiveness and communicativenesses, increasing their activity and the competitiveness also into this way on the labour market. Apart from swimming notable benefits from the involvement in the project pupils will get to know the culture and customs of other nationalities. The departure will influence integration of the group, improving the team work, will improve the sensitivity and the tolerance for her religion - cultural. The possibility of the trip for the internship in Germany will motivate pupils of the Team of CKR Schools in Mieczysławs for the research, particularly foreign languages. Internship at the German centre and its subject matter will contributeto put bigger attention for the environmental protection but first of all to the appropriate waste disposal after the chemisation of plants.We are expecting, that present pupil and soon the graduate will be a precursor or even a leader on the area of leading the own household both in applying modern technologies of the farming and in the protection of the local environment. the project implementation will also contribute for the change of noticing the school in the environment of for her having an influence. attitude of pupils are supposed to contribute to it in the domicile how, a household and a care of ecology are leading. We realize that it is long-term process and it will be necessary a bit to wait for effects. however at present it is already possible to notice changes in the approach towards the research of pupils which were on placement in 2015The whole project will supervise by Ms Danuta Krawczyk - director of the team of Schools of the Centre of the Agricultural Education of Maciej Rataja in Mieczysławs and school Mr Krzysztof Rogala is coordinating coordinator of Erasmus+ projects. A school will also conduct financial accounting for the project. Serving the internship is being planned in the period April - June 2017.


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