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EIW- The European Intercultural Workplace

The EIW project aims to provide an insight into the current Intercultural Workplace in Europe and to further develop training materials to enhance intercultural understanding and workplace relationships. The project will initially analyse existing studies in this area and will complement these via a series of empirical case studies, concentrating upon economic sectors most in need of attention in the participating partner countries. Beyond this, comparative cross-sector analyses will take place on a national and European level. A series of human resource development modules will be developed by the project reflecting both best practice and local need with a focus upon informing and educating the workplace target group and policy / decision makers. The end results of the project will comprise an interactive project website; a series of national reports; a range of European sector-specific information booklets; support training materials (printed, video & DVD format) and an accreditation model for the Diploma in the European Intercultural Workplace. Beneficiaries of the project results include employees, managers & employers; national and local authorities; trade unions and organisations dealing specifically with migrant groups. Dissemination will rely upon the establishment of a dedicated project website (linked to all relevant websites across the partner countries); local and national networking by partner bodies; intercultural training & guidance and the eventual distribution of project results to all relevant stakeholders.



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