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Einwanderer willkommen! Integration in ländlichen Gemeinschaften durch Bildung
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Immigrants welcome! Integration in rural communities through education. The potential of immigration into rural areas can be used, if we utilize education concepts, which help us to overcome local thinking, break up structures and mobilize personal courage. Rather than fear of anything new we need more spirit of optimism. Educational communities need therefore an innovative, complex educational concept. A "welcome atmosphere" must be established for immigrants and locals. Rural adult education and their social network reaches and motivates people to act together. A qualification through international mobility enables (1) to be aware, that immigrants in rural area represent a specific challenge, (2) the recognition, that educational concepts from neighboring countries (with similar conditions) are transferable and can be easily adapted and (3 ) the recognition, that international cooperation is an addition to own educational concepts and opens innovation views on new learning horizons. Each mobility provides: Training concepts for immigrants and locals / Clarification: How important are new perspectives and knowledge horizons and break up moods? / Importance of networking in the education and project area / Case studies / Indicators / Learning outcomes. The educational aspects of innovation, external view, motivation and courage to change will be tangible personal. A total of 39 mobilities leads in 3 countries. Participation is open to employees of the LEB Aurich (at all levels) and of various educational initiatives in the rural areas = all those, who are interested in a complex integration work in rural areas. All participants form a team, which accompanies the mobilities, evaluated the contents and results, determines the overall outcome and developed succession plans. Because of the - in any way - close partner regions we can expect extensive follow-up contacts. The generally urgend demand , to support immigrants by inclusive edcuation, is the strong common interest.