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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

OUR MAIN AIM is to get the participants familiar with the feeling of communal success through the force of communal togetherness.PARTICIPANTS: There are 32 participants from 4 countries, who are disadvantaged or/and Roma. The exchange will last for 10 days in Kecskemét, Hungary. PREPARATION: We have continuous contacts with the partner organizations through e-mail, phone or Facebook, and we make the details of the exchange all clear, for instance accommodation, arrival, individual needs, etc.). We mutually work out the documenting and evaluating system, the details and questions of selection and safety measures, as well as applied methods. The working language is English, hence, we evaluate the participants’ language skills, and if needed, we make them prepared for the exchange, in terms of English language. IMPLEMENTATION: The partner organizations select the participating youngsters based on so called “Daily Schedule”, and they inform and prepare these youngsters for the exchange .ACTIVITIES: We want to draw the participants closer to each other through ice-breaking and team building games. It is important that they should cooperate within the team, as well as we want to develop their adaptability, therefore, creating a unified team. We introduce the project. On the “NATIONAL DAY”, youngsters will present their own countries, organizations, gastronomies in a creative way, hence they will widen each other’s viewpoint. They collect the 4 countries’ national values and make posters out of the collected material together. (Through sightseeing we widen their scope too). We also plan to have art therapy programs that serve the development of self-knowledge. In the “Seeing individual failures differently” program, the youngsters, through “SWOT analysis”, can turn their weaknesses into strengths. On “ROMA DAY”, we will get them familiar with Roma traditions and culture, so their identities are enhanced. On a debate session, they will process the questions of the topic called “Gypsy youngsters=no chance?”. After this session, another self-knowledge topic comes next, called “I am young: chances and opportunities”. In this program element, the participants will get familiar with Erasmus+ opportunities as well as educational and volunteering opportunities. The day is closed by movie screening. The reason we built the “COMMUNICATION DAY” into the schedule is that we consider communication the basis for communal success. Practical task: Creating interviews in the local self-government in small international working groups about the situation of Roma. On the “CONNECTIONS DAY”, youngsters will make contacts with the local youngsters which is followed by a dance afternoon and a dinner (cooking Hungarian goulash). The “HUMAN’S DAY” is about human and citizen rights and obligation, and on the end of this day, the youngsters will create a graffiti in the topic. This is followed by another program element for self-knowledge – we are dealing with the questions of “Who am I, Where do I belong?”. We put stress on the strength of community, the expression of feelings and conflicts. Along with the youngsters, whom we got to know a few days earlier, we organize a “SPORT DAY”, where everyone can experience what communal success feels like. The participants of the exchange show and demonstrate to the public the basic human rights, what they had done during the exchange and how they created communal success from individual failures. This is followed by a Flash-mob organized at the avenue of the exchange. Tension is released by lottery competition, drawing on the concrete, playing with water balloons and other “lunacies”. EVALUATION: There are evaluations on the end of each day and of the whole exchange . So in this way we can make amendments during the exchange, if necessary. The project is closed by the evaluating document created by the partner organizations. Expected results: posters, interviews and their procession, Flash-mob, Internet images and reports.SHORT TERM INFLUENCE: By the influence of the activities done during the exchange, there is a positive change in the youngsters’ self-evaluation. They will obtain communal experience. LONG TERM INFLUENCE: With the newly obtained knowledge and skills, the youngsters can create a supportive community. In this way, they can make their way in life, and help their disadvantaged peers through the power of community. We make the society more sensitive through connection, sport days and flash mobs, at the place of the exchange. The report filled with images is made for the society and its dissemination is the responsibilitof youngsters and organizations. Let many people see how we can MAKE COMMUNAL SUCCES FROM INDIVIDUAL FAILURES, which is a great opportunity to turn the disadvantaged youngsters’ life into a positive one.



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