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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project ”Innovative Approaches to Teaching”has come up with the result of the needs analysis made beforehand.First of all accordingto the analysis the students suffer from low motivation,low academic success,difficulty in making up decisions,being afraid of failure and not knowing how to learn the learning and the teachers are in need of new and efficient teaching methods instead of classical and monotonous ones.In order to make their classes more enjoyable,efficient and successfull.with the help to adopting innovative and international teaching approches we aim at:a) Improving the motivation of studentsb) Improving the academic success of studentsc) Teaching our students the ability of planning and stating their goalsd)Overcoming the fear of not achievinge) Our teachers gaining efficient and sincere communication skills with their studentsf)Our parents’ positive contribution to teaching process g)Improving the efficient leadership about the motivation of teachers and studentsThe Main Activity have includedin the period of our project is joining the courses inPraque “Innovative Approches to Education”on 17/21 August 2015 and the course in Malta “Vitamin C boosts education” on 27 September 2015-05 October2015 with our teachers from different branches like English,German,IT,Art,Physics,Chemstry,Maths,Biology,Literature,History,Music and SchoolCounselling Service teacher.At the end of the course ,the participants will be able to contribute and innovative approches to the needs which appeared on the needs analysis.The teachers who are being more educated andnskillful in the field they will organise seminars ,meetings and some activities for teachers,students and parents not only in our school but also other schools. In order tos hare will be carried Both to face to face activities and local media as well as school page by providing information and usefull methodologies.Thanks to this project activities,the participants will be able to propose solutions to improve the low motivation and low academic success during the implementation process of our project.The product and outcomes of our project brochures,videos,photos,reports,presentations,seminars will be prepared and opened to access by delivering them to the different schools.All of our project outcomes will be presented in our school website,electronic billboard,local newspapers.Thanks to the Project our school will improve internationally and will be able to take part in long-term partnerships by keeping in touch with other European schools and teachers so our school will be a model for other organisations.