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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project has been started with the need of observing some important needs ; We observed that some of our teachers are not motivated to use new teaching methods and the classical usage of out of date methodology was far from to attract the attention of the students to learn more effectively.We use smart boards and tablets in education but they are not used properly in school environment because of the inefficiency of the teachers using the technological tools. We wonder about how the Spanish school use the EDIXAL Methodology which is similiar to the ABA System used in our school with little success so well and we would like to mix the outcome of these two systems to establish a new teaching environment to develop the performance of our school to learn and to teach much better. We also would like to observe how the partner school is so successful to teach foreign languages using the CLIL Methodology .We have been using the communicative Aproach to teach English to our students with insufficient success because the students use English only in English classes but in CLIL Methodology the learners have to use English for all teaching activities and this causes a continious use of the target language. We hope to use CLIL Methodology to teach foreign languages better.We also apply for a CLIL Course in England to increase the knowledge and skills we will gain with the job shodowing activities in Spain. We have chosen the appliciants from the teachers ( four teachers for job shodowing activity and 5 teachers for CLIL Course) who are able to use ICT tools well and speak English with some social behaviors. Our activities are progressed in three steps; We have started an E- Twinning project to start the activities about our project title ''innovation and new teaching methods'' and CLIL course. 1-Job shodowing activities in Spain 2-CLIL course in London 3-Job shodowing activities in Turkey



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