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Eğitimde Yaşam Temelli Ölçme Değerlendirme Yaklaşımı
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

REAL-LIFE BASED ASSESMENT and EVELUATİON APPROACH IN EDUCATION: EU Ministers set the target to reduce the average of students with difficulties in reading, maths and science in order to reach fewer than 15% by 2020.The worldwide surveys report that EU students often lack of mathematical competence and key basic competences in science and technology, reading. The learning of the mathematics literacy enables students to contribute effectively in actual society, improving their employment prospects. In this context, the project intends to make teachers develop more attractive and teaching based on real-life situations. The project, therefore, addresses the 3 priorities of Erasmus +, “Quality drive improvement of institution /or organizations and / methods (including the development of school) ,“Key Competencies (including math, science and literacy) - basic skills” and New innovative curricula / educational methods / Development of training courses. The data collected by PISA and TIMMS assesments concerning these need analyses,we would like to develop a project called 'Qualified Education For Everybody .Our directorate foresees to establish a consortium which consists of 6 schools and a coordinator Bursa Provincial Education Directorate. In order to spread this project, as a consortium leader we,determine 6 member schools in our 3 central districts Yıldırım,Osmangazi and Nilüfer.Thus,our consortium is composed of 24 teachears.Our starting point is to reach Maths,Science and reading (Turkish-English literacy) teachears.With the helps of this project;our teachers will have opportunity to participate in a in-service training.Our teachers improve themselves either culturally or pedagogically.Thus, cultural exchange will have occurred. The expected impacts on teachers are; To create interdisciplinary teaching experience that will allow students to associate between necessary knowledge and skills to other relevant areas. To provide life long learning process in our region.To gain permanent acquirements including in our currcicula. To raise teachers awareness of generating innovative question types that are similar to PISA and TIMMS assesments.Thanks to these questions to create a database repository.(moodle/e-learning) To enhance the skills of assesment-eveulation techniques. The expected impacts on students; enable students to succeed in maths,science and technology and reading comprehension(both turkish and english). To improve students abilities related with real-life situations. To design better quality educational environments for students.the gains which are getting in classes will not remain in knowledge and theory level, the gains will turn into real life situations that they can use in everyday life circumstances. As a consortium leader Bursa provincial education directorate,we will responsible all the management issues of the project,reporting the documents,dissemination and the coordination of project activities.After getting this in-service training, to train formatter(mentor) teachers and to create an innovative database. To improve the quality of educational activities in our region is our greatest desire and duty.