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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context/background of project: Bozyazı Multiple Programmed Anatolian High School project team has planned this project by realizing and analizing the following needs and issues: -Academic failure that exists generally in our country and locally in our school, -The decrease in interest in school , reduction in the number of students aiming for university , -Qualitative problems of students who graduated , -Deficiencies and needs of teachers away from the contemporary practice. Our organization is planning to participate in a course named " Master class creative teaching" which will be held by a Finland originated educational institution in13 to 19 March 2016 in Benalmadena- Spain. 11 participants who are selected based on specific criteria will participate in the course and also participate in job shadowing activity in the partner school -" Raffaele Piria" institute- in Italy for five days in April 2016. Therefore the participants will learn to use the method on the purpose of the aims and the knowledge gained in the course will become permanent. Although all of our teachers have at least university garduation degree, they haven't got the training of such a method. Training activities this method are not carried out in an educational institution in Turkey . The planned course and Job shadowing activities will overcome the shortcomings of teachers and will provide the opportunity for students to have a qualified and advanced education. The main objectives of our project are: -To improve qualifications and skills of teachers, -To improve the quality of education, -To improve academic achievement, -To increase the number of students that aim higher education, -To reduce school dropouts, -To develop methods to improve the quality of teaching, -To reach the maximum level of benefit taken from education by increasing the quality of students. Number and Profile of participants: Among our organization 11 teachers (2 Maths teachers, 2 scientific field teachers, 2 Turkish-Literature teachers , 3 Social sciences field teachers, 2 foreign language teachers) are chosen to have the course to be held in Benalmadena, Spain in 13-19 March 2016. 11 teachers who will participate in the course activity in Spain, will also participated in the job shadowing activity in Italy.All teachers who will participate in mobility have a bachelor's degree, at least two years of teaching experience, ability-competence to represent our country in Europe and also they are open to learning and innovation. Description of activities: Course activities will be held in Spain in Benalmadena 13-19 March 2016 .11 participants will be trained for 7 days in the following key issues: -What are the characteristics of good teaching: the changing role of the teacher, the autonomy of the teacher and the freedom and the didactical skills to develop didactical materials, creative teaching with a future focus on project based learning -How to analyse your teaching style (teaching strategies) against the criteria of the 21st skills -Get a clear idea of conditions to realize your ideas about teaching and education -Skills to design lessons in curricular units and to explore cross curricualr approaches with an open and creative mind meeting the criteria of good and creative education -Setting up a Team of qualified innovation leaders of teaching at school The job shadowing activities will be held in partner organization -"Raffaele Pirie" institute- in Italy for 5 days in April 2016 . Job-shadowing content is planned as following: -To monitor "Creative learning method" the implementation and practice in class, -To observe and study on the materials used in the classroom during the implementation of this method, -To examine how this method has been successfully integrated into the curriculum, -To share the knowledge and experiences with teachers who apply this method, -To examine the education sistem andall teaching methods in Italy. Methodology be used in carrying out the project: -Information -A general introduction on each of the topics -Sharing. Participants share experiences and expertise on the topic. -Creating output. Working individually or in groups on a concrete product to be used in the own school. -Observation -Writing reports -Implementation of questionnaires, evaluation forms. -Having meetings and seminers. Results and impact: As a result of course activity and job shadowing activity, theoretical and practical knowledge will be acquired on "Creative Learning Method", the implementation of the method will be examined, qualifications and experience will be shared with the partner institution.Depending on these results; competence of participant teachers and other teachers in our region will increase about this method. The quality of education, academic achievement ,general interest in school and demand in our school will increase. In the long term the success of our region and our country will increase to international level.



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