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Eğitimde Reform - İlk Adım: Avrupa
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our school takes part in the many projects in accordence with our target and purposes. These projects are either in the school or in the district. Recently, nervous clasroom environment and loss of students take effect comletely and these issues are at our school’s agenda. Inefficient results of works which are done after the our personnel’s feedbacks, rise in the number of students who are disenrollment, platitutes between the students who have different cultural values, disturbance in the classroom order and conflict environment bring into disorder in the our school. Reliable education environment cannot be provided, and also, greek life is destroyed, students become selfish and they act self-oriented. These issues are sign that these students should be disentangled from these behaviours since these students will be future of our country. It is reqiured that innovator approach is introduced by the help of different perspective. This is implemented for 45 years in the given periods. Planned personnel education will enhance students success and it will create different school culture from students to teachers and from parents to employee. If there are not students in the school, best available technology and well-supported teachers make no sense. Our purpose prevent students from being child labor and kid brides. We believe that our teachers who study abroad about forementioned main educational fields will provide peaceful and cheerful education environment and they will contribute to our students’ personal growth. Our institution’s targets and purposes which are subject of our project; creating reliable and sustainable school environment, improving extracurricular and in-class activities which are oriented to keep students in the school, educating the students which have different cultural values all together and most properly. In line with this purpose, 6 different education mobilities are planned in the 4 different countries according to institutions’ profession and experiences. Germany (8 people) Impressive Communication Methods (5 people) Conflict and Violent Management (3 people) Spain (8 people) Education in the Multicultural Societies Netherlands (8 people) Time and Stress Management (3 people) Self Reliance Improving Techniques (5 people) Czech Republic (8 people) Works towards preventing students’ dropout Participants of offered project are 32 teachers and administrators who work in our institution and they will be selected within 82 personnel. Our teachers who have b.s., educational formation and experience in his/her field are responsible for helping students’ primary education. And also, helping students’ decisions about their own vocational and personal life, and helping implementation of these decisions are teachers’ responsibilities. Relianle school environment and sustainable education will be possible with qualified and successful personnel. In the direction of this target, our 32 personnel who have training in the EU countries which have EU standards, will be selected by using certain methods and techniques. Our participants will be administrative services, school counselors, teachers of culture class. After the our project is confirmed, project management committee is constituted with our school personnel. Headteacher or deputy head teacher who is assigned by head teacher will preside to this unit. Board members of this committee will have main duties and responsibilities. President of the committee will determine these duties and responsibilities. Project Management Committee will include 1 responsible person for official correspondence with National Agency, 1 person for preparing settlement activities of participants, 2 people who are responsible for travel insurance and transportation, 3 people who are responsible for district-wide dissemination activities such as announcing project, local paper news and web site news, seminar, poster, announcement which are done by district national education directorate and district governorate and 2 people who are responsible for budget. In total there will be 10 people in the project management committee. It is expected that participants will improve themselves in certain field thanks to 6 different pedagogical education in Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and Spain and students will take advantage of their gained experiences for the all life. Their two weeks will expand both their horizon and their students’ horizon and these two weeks will abound in unforgettable cultural and social interactions.