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Eğitimde Öğrenci Odaklı Yaklaşım
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project named "Learner-Centered iApproach in Teaching " will be held with the participation of 20 teachers chosen from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Secondary School in Germany. Most general purpose of our project that contains an equal number of branch teachers from verbal and quantitative sections is to replace with new educational approaches like learner - centered approach. Because most of the our personals use a classic approach like teacher - centered approach. With changed 4+4+4 system, students replace earlier from class teacher to in-field-teacher and this situation minimalise students' concentration. Both students are more succesful and their concentration increases depend on content of these branch lessons. In teacher-centered approach , the students get bored easily and have adaptation problems so these branch lessons have to be student- centered. When this project is evaluated, it has strong effect on our instituation. Most of our personals in our school internalize the classical approaches like teacher- centered but if different branches internalize different new techniques, education in our school increase ans has more quality.By this means; our education in school will be reason for preference. In our country, new methods and techniques will use and our instituation will be at the fore with studied education in abroad. These are the long conclusions; - modern education will be common - self-control in studying will be provided for students - ''All the students can learn everything'' consideration will develop - Dialogue and efficiency in lessons will increase - Every students has his/her own stdying system - every students has self-confidience -Succes of students and instuation will increase