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Eğitimde Kalite ve Başarının AB Standartları Doğrultusunda Geliştirilmesi
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Many negative factors can cause failure in the period of education. These negative factors can be listed as the problems of disadvantageous students, the incompetence in foreign language or the deficiency in the use of technology. With our project "The Improvement of Educational Quality and Success in accordance with EU Standards", our aim is to make our school "Tatarlı Cumhuriyet Elementary School" successful in national and international level by eliminating the nagative factors in educational process. That is why, modernising our school development plans, employing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) efficiently, working through the studies for the disadvantageous students having the risk of early school leaving, helping our staff and students improve their competence in foreign language and having our school represented in national and international level are among our project goals. In our project, there are six participants who are going to work as a project coordinator, a school counseling program development specialist, a school development plans specialist, a verbal skill educational researcher, a logical skill educational researcher, and an (ICT) and dissemination specialist. With our project, the findings and results of our project will be presented regularly as a seminar and training for our target groups during the process of project by establishing the permanent "E.Q.I.P. - Educational Quality Improvement Platform". The target groups of our project are students, local and regional schools, Dinar District National Education Directorate, Afyon Provincial Directorate for National Education and "Dinar Educational Voluntary Organisation". The impact of our project in the long term is helping the schools enhance sustainable development in national and international level in accordance with EU standards with the help of unequalled "E.Q.I.P. - Educational Quality Improvement Platform" established permanently.