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Eğitimde Kalite Geliştirme Yöntemleri ve Öğretmenlerin Liderlik Becerilerinin Geliştirilmesi
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

An institution which is embraced by its employees means that it has had important steps on the way of attaining success. So, without insisting on the quality of an individual one cannot reach the quality. In an institution where individuals do not have quality works, make an effort, undertake leadership role total quality work is unable to go beyond paper. Today almost all educational institutions face problems special to themselves. These can be ordered as not to be able to follow change and improvement, catch technology, lack of equipment, personnel and source, rareness of scientific research activities, some of the personnel in the system with lack of the intended standards of eligibility and quality, inability of educational programmes in performing efficiency standards. With the aim of increasing the eligibility and quality standards of our school and teachers, we would like to be able to follow new developments in education, create qualified and planned school development applications, teach developing and learning constantly school understanding, raise leader teachers and increase our students’ academic success. In this sense, we have planned quality improvement trainings and courses in Germany, Italy and Portugal within the frame of European Union quality understanding. In accordance with our plans, our objectives of the project are: - To increase quality and eligibility of our teachers - To enhance quality level in education - To teach and compare quality management and understanding in Europe - To teach innovative teaching methods and techniques in primary schools in European countries to our teachers, transfer and apply them in our school - To teach innovative applications intended to the use of technology in education - To develop information network and cooperation among teachers in Europe - To make our teachers leader individuals - To increase the interest in foreign languages - To provide them to gain awareness in Europeannes and multiculturalism - To catch European standards in our school and raise awareness towards European Union values - To teach European Union educational politics and objectives. Our target group in our project is teachers in our school, primary school teachers and school directors. We can say that our project will effect many institutions in the meaning of quality improvement and a lot of teachers will benefit from our outputs. In order to fulfill the objectives above, our teachers and school directors will be sent to training in Germany, Italy and Portugal. Our project partners are DTZ-bildung&qualifizierung gGmbH, Giovani Per L'Europa, Bragamob. In order to conduct our project well, a ‘’Project Management Team’’ will be created. Mobility activities will be achieved in 3 flows. 7 people will participate in each of the mobilities. From project management team at least 2 people will join all the mobilities and participate in observing, evaluating levels. By consulting to the opinions of personnel in the institution in every decision in the project, taking participating decisions will be watched over. Our project will have great effects in private and general. Expected effects on the participants: - Their awareness on quality improvement and quality improvement methods will be increased. - They will gain skills in making full analysis about expected real situations and objectives. - Their competence of deciding scientifically and leadership features will be improved. - They will be individuals who think systematically, evaluate and take decision rapidly. - Their personal development and self-confidence will be increased. - Their interest in foreign languages and European Union projects will increase. Expected effects on institution: - An institutional culture which is innovative and has quality understanding. - The quality of dialogue among educators, directors and students will develop. - The prestige of our school in the region will increase. - It will be an institution which contributes to the development of National Education Policy. In order to establish these effects on other teachers and institutions, dissemination activities will be held. In this context, 2 seminars for teachers will be organised. As Project output, a book ‘’Improving Quality Systems in European Dimension at Schools’’ and a booklet ‘’New Approaches in Education and Quality Understanding’’. In project dissemination works, books, news reports, poster, board, video, media tools, banners, announcement tools, meetings will be often used. As a result, the most important effect of our project is school employees’ embracing the institution any longer and feeling the privilege of working in this institution. Project activities will go on at the end of the Project and they will be reflected to school strategic plans. Our Project will effect all educational institutions in the long run and have a developing structure.



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