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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are planning to conduct this training to educate teachers for preventing the disabled students’ early leaving from primary school. In this respect, our goals for this program are as follows: * Improving the education level of the teachers about mixing the disabled students with the rest of the class * Understanding the child in terms of his needs and an analysis of his behavior * Understanding and exploring the world of parents * Improving the understanding level of the classmates towards the disabled students * Improving disabled students’ academic success rate by decreasing the rate of absence * Preventing disabled students from being socially excluded * Improving teachers’ ability to communicate in order to have a healthy co-operation between disabled students, parents and teacher * Raising teachers’ awareness about how to have disabled students who have dropped out back in school * Enabling information exchange between teachers * Raising the level of education for teachers to European standards * Informing all students who share the same classroom with disabled students about human rights There are 3 teachers chosen for Erasmus+ project in our school which appreciate students’ ideas and creativity, act fair in both school and after school activities, have respect for human rights, do not discriminate different nations, individuals or beliefs, updates themselves with new academic information and new publications in education theories, utilize the possibilities to improve the conditions of the school environment and lastly they are cooperative and have strong ability in communication. Through courses and seminars, the participants’ ability to organize activities to include the disabled students back in school life and develop the conditions for disabled students, their classmates and their parents will be elevated. The experience that the participants will gain by Erasmus+ program in Europe will be reflected to their fellow teachers and their quality of education. The experiences not only will be applied in both school and after school activities but also will give a positive impact on the schools insufficient socio-economic conditions. Giving an equal chance to disabled students as their classmates have will decrease the rate of absence and prepare a common ground for all students to choose their Establish commissions to create choir, exhibitions, student and cultural space travel arrangements with parents, activities to give seminars to parents and teachers is planned peer group. Courses offered by the project partners; Primera Skupu doo in Slovenia, will be .



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