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EGIBIDE ampliando futuro
Date du début: 10 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 9 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is born inside the internacionalization plan of EGIBIDE, the biggest school in our country born of the merging of Diocesanas and Hesús Obrero. Internacionalization has been settled as one of our landmarks for a near future.. We teach 20 differetn specialities in vocational Education. We started from two different policies. Both had expereince in mobility projects taking part in the projects of two consortiums HETEL y COBFEBASK. Diocesanas had their own project focused on Cooking since 2008. Five weeks, the same as oncoming French students which allow everybody to meet the project targets. Three students go to Angouleme for a five week labour practice at innovative annd experienced inEuropean projects restaurants under the supervision of Saint Josep L'Amendier School. . Enough funding has been provided from Erasmus+ to carry out mobility experiencies for students of other specialities. That has made us feel confident to submit this project so that six students from other specialities are able to have a successful mobility . experience. Other students have already participated in 13 week mobilities with HETEL and CONFEBASK but some of the students also want to make the examination to enter Upper Formmative Cycles next year. Six week is enough to meet the objectives aalthough they have to complete their practice period in local companies. We count on two experienced intermediaries wchoosing between two attractive destinies e have been having successful experiences for four years. Our aim is tht the best student have the chance of doing labour practices . These will be monitored by tutors at he company, the intermediary and our own ones. They may follow the programme and solve any problem it may appear inmediately. This project will make the differeent FP department work together and get to know more about European projects taking part in its different steps : selection, tutorship, assessment. Though EFVET, European Forum of Vocational Training Education qe got to know the German and Finish school. In our strategic plan we need to start a near contact which allows us to know their day-to day- work and share their every day know-to- how . Both countries leader methoodology VET and they have agreed to help us enhance our future projects. We intend four teachers to start and to be responsible of those relationship. We look to foster teachers' implication in internationalization. We intend to increase our students' technical education, certification, European vision, authonmy, life long learning and all in all, easy their job searching., and get to know other countries and cultures and people. Para la escuela va a suponer un gran soporte para su plan de internacionalización



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