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EFPB - Europäischer Fortbildungs-Plan für Bildungspersonal 2015 bis 2017 der vhs im Norden des Landkreises München e.V.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Background and project objectives: At Volkshochschule our goal is to implement the European agenda for adult education. All vhs in Germany are independent and politically unbiased. Inviting people for education, advice and orientation is the main aim of adult education at vhs. We believe that every adult should have the opportunity to take part in activities that support their “life long learning”. By delivering good quality education through inexpensive courses, we aim to enable people to fulfill their educational needs and give them opportunities to contribute to social cohesion. We want to promote active citizenship through our educational programs and their implementation. We aim to raise the profile of our organization to improve awareness of Adult Learning so that more adults and low skilled people feel able to attend the courses, which we make effective and comprehensive through our excellent teaching and learning. The vhs has to face new challenges: The region of Munich is extending a lot every year. New branches and companies from all over the world are coming to Munich, and people from all over the world have settled and are working here. Munich’s universities are a magnet for foreign workers and the language of communication is English. In addition to this, more and more asylum seekers and refugees are coming to Germany, especially to Munich. All of these new arrivals have to be integrated into the new society that they are living in. For this reason our educational staff and teachers have to be able to communicate using English and need to explorate new concepts and approaches of adult education. So our staff and teachers have to obtain additional training to ensure that the quality of education is maintained. For different groups we can find the right kind of education. The main aim is that active language competence improves due to the quality of the English teaching they receive. Number and profile of participants and description of the activities: For the different target groups customized training courses are offered in the UK. A total of 32 mobilities are conducted and evaluated. Main focus is to improve the fit and active language skills on the one hand, and improving the quality of teaching in the English language for the sub-target group of language teachers involved. Participants gain beyond an insight into the organization and the standards of the English partner, strengthening the innovative power of the vhs. Procedures for project implementation: The training project EFBP (European Training for educational staff at vhs im Norden des Landkreises München e.V.) will be published and announced at our institution. After an application and selection process, participants will receive a pre-course assessment to prepare themselves before they begin their training. At the same time, the vhs management will register participants and book their travel. After completion of the training, the vhs administration will do the organizational work, the teachers will give their report and there are opportunities for information sessions for other teachers. Sometime after the course has finished, the teaching will be evaluated and there should be an increase in the quality of the teaching. The project manager is responsible for the application of this project. The aim of our project is to raise awareness and insight into foreign cultures and the operation of foreign institutions. We believe that the experience of participants after studying on one of these courses is very positive. The courses offer a variety of experience and new skills & techniques which they can bring back with them and use when they return. For example, suggestions and new methodology that will be motivating for their students at our Volkshochschule, more technical knowledge & background skills and classroom management which will enable better quality teaching overall. Integration should be the common idea in our daily work. The results can be put into practice to find their way into the personal development via our VHS. These training courses are permanently integrated into the methodological and didactic concept of our community college.



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