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Effective Mobility II - Genuine Worklife Co-operation
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Effective Mobility II – Genuine Worklife Co-operationThe objective of the mobility project is to enhance the co-operation with work-life partners in order to support the business target achievement of corporate and public sector organizations. This is achieved by effective co-operation within international mobility projects in full alignment with each participant organizations business equation. The secondary objective of the mobility program is to support the development of the key skills and competencies in the sphere of life-long-learning in addition to the recognition of prior learning as existing skills and competencies.Ami-foundation and Amiedu have a 40 year experience in the field of learning and education. Amiedu supports business and work-life development by competence management programs. Amiedu provides programs to support the national vocational qualification system, certificate training, vocational and language based immigrant training, career counselling and various development and change management programs targeted at corporate customers.Amiedu has over 30 years of experience in the field of immigrant training and vocational coaching. Amiedu also has a status of a work-life development partner within the Finnish National Board of education framework.The international activities of Amiedu are defined through the development and expansion targets of its corporate and public sector business partners. Amiedu supports its customers’ international business development needs by providing individually designed skills and competence development programs. Amiedu works together with its partners and customers. Amiedu shares international benchmarking experience, supports the development of an internationally diverse workforce and the integrations of immigrants to the society and work-life.Amiedu has successfully coordinated various international projects the highlights being ESR-COFI in the area of work-based immigration, LdV-IVT On-the-go and On-the-go VETPRO. We have an excellent track record in mobility projects with strong co-operations with customer organization employers and employees together with our own staff member experts. Our international partner network has further strengthened through our business customer organizations.The international strategy of Amiedu is derived from the overall Amiedu strategy of being a strong partner for business and work-life development. This concept takes into consideration the skills and competencies of internationalization both in-bound and out-bound business and personal mobility.With the Effective Mobility II – Genuine Worklife Co-operation project we offer a joint opportunity for our students, business partners and personnel to enhance their international skills and competencies. This is a direct solution to meet the business needs of our corporate partners.Student mobility enhances the development of international work-life skills in a coaching environment thus creating needed competencies in various trades and professions. Key student groups are formed in organizations of the commerce and trade industry. The recognition of prior learning happens in co-operation with the home and host country business organizations. It is based on the criteria of knowledge, competencies and skills of each profession. The strengthening international skill base of each student is utilized in the home country business organizations.Personnel mobility is always planned to be a joint program together with the business customer organizations representatives. This creates a natural dialogue between our personnel and work-life representatives and forms a platform for a wide range of service solution development programs. Amiedu develops international skills and competencies on all levels – personal and organizational, regional, national and international.



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