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Effective Communication - A Successful Future Life
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of the project 'Effective Communication - A Successful Future Life' is the improvement of the quality of communication between all the school agents - teachers, students and parents. The necessity has derived from the immense change in the way people communicate nowadays referred to the fast rise in the present day communication technologies. As the efficiency of the ways people can contact one another has increased, the effectiveness of the message got has decreased. The high intensity and dynamic change of social living conditions have put new requirements to the parents to work long hours or abroad with leaving much less time to communicate with their children. On the other hand, the use of new technologies have caused great changes in students' perceptive capabilities which, in turn, evokes the application of modern and innovative pedagogical practices in the everyday teaching process. As a consequence, teachers face the challenge to use means of new technologies and answer the educative needs of students in a more effective way. To acquire adequate to the new social conditions results and prepare our students for a successful future realization, it is of great importance to strengthen the relations between the teachers, students and parents to achieve a better quality of communication and involvement in school life. The project aims to fulfill this task through the implementation of various on the curriculum and extra curriculum activities and disseminate the results from them on a local, regional and national level. On transnational level, the project will offer the teachers opportunity to become acquainted with the pedagogical experience of the partners' countries right from the source, get knowledge about their educational systems, evaluate the best characteristics of applied teaching practices and exchange their own points of view concerning effective teaching process. Teachers will have the chance to multiply positive results gained at school by putting these transnational positive experience to immediate practice. More added value will be acquired by the improvement of key-competences and self-esteem of all the participants. The interactive features of the numerous planned activities and intellectual outputs of the project will help encouraging the creativity and motivation for future successful realization, alongside with the increased European awareness of the target groups. The widespread dissemination of the results and products of the project's implementation will contribute to the better school image of the partners' organizations and trust in the educational systems on a larger scope.



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