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Ефективно професионално развитие по чужд език
Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims at the formation of a team of language teachers that works together and collaborates to improve teaching practice, which is directly related to the improvement of learning a foreign language. The team will focus on issues related to language learning and will enhance the results of NET in the next school year to 0.20 to the success of the previous year. The professional development would be consistent and purposeful, it would aim at teaching practices and knowledge that improve the performance of students.The collaborative professional development is based largely on the support of colleagues and encourages reflection, discussion and cooperation for the introduction of innovative teaching practices. Joint strategies provide teachers the opportunity to study and discuss these practices in order to integrate them into school life. Teachers of the first foreign language will be introduced to an expanded range of practical strategies, tools and examples of various thematic areas, they will learn how to combine provocative ideas, analyze tested approaches. Teachers will share information on the physical design of the classroom to develop training, centered on the student, for the methodological design of the lesson, the role of the textbook as a means, implement the educational goals of the change in teaching methods, developing critical and creative thinking of students, project-based learning, which brings spirit of cooperation and self-esteem. Together teachers will identify and explain the steps that each will take to improve the NET results. Together, we will conduct a set of actions, use interactive materials and will observe lessons. Any progress, success and achievement will be analyzed and will be used to upgrade. We will exchange ideas, restructure and improve our practice, will go back, if necessary, to move forward confidently. Observations of lessons will enable rediscovery of a variety of activities and situations that engage students intellectually and make them more original, strong and purposeful and increase their motivation. Teachers will update and synchronize their own methods with those of their European colleagues. Lesson observation will help with a range of activities, educational materials-electronic lessons, teaching strategies and philosophical understanding. The aquired experience, ideas and knowledge language teachers will apply in their lessons and will have a positive impact on students. Strengths and experience will transmit and multiply to other language teachers . Our mutual work will result in a new school program in professional language/English/German/ in the sphere of tourism and will be closely connected with the requirements of the new educational law. The school program will be sent to the Ministry of Education for approval.



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