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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context/background of the project: The Standards Environmental Commitments applications (EAP) for our members is a need that was created following the publication of the Government Gazette 2446 / 09.30.2013, which is harmonized with the Directives 2008/98 / EC & 2008/99 / EC concerning protection of the environment and the context of production and waste management, and its purpose is to protect the natural and human environment and to safeguard public health by identifying all necessary measures and restrictions to be applied during the construction and operation of workshop activities, bodyshop, lubricating and vehicle washing. The reason that the training / information on EAP applications was selected is that the bodies of the above activities are obliged now to keep the EAP which have been subject to, both during the construction phase and during the operational phase of the activity. _____________________ Project objectives: The objective of this project was the education / training of the members of our Association who are employees / self-employed in the Individual Enterprise, in the area of application of Standards Environmental Commitments, to enable them to fulfill themselves and their businesses to the new needs created by the new legislation. _____________________ Number and profile of participants: Potential beneficiaries in the mobility were 15 people and in total are employed / self-employed repairers and maintainers of vehicles that are members of our association. _____________________ Activities Description: Participants followed a comprehensive training program that were tailored to their educational needs and included seminars, company visits and cultural visits. The activities took place in Germany, and for the most part in Berlin and the surrounding area. _____________________ Methodology used for the project: The completion of this project contributed to the modernization of enterprises of motor industry workshops and followed training methods for adult education with particular emphasis on linking theoretical knowledge with practical applications, in order to provide the best possible results. _____________________ Brief description of the expected results and impact: The expected results and key objectives of the proposal is the education / training of beneficiaries: • Learning management methods of urban wastewater and solid waste, • Update on compliance assurance systems gas emission limits, • Information on the possibilities offered by modern natural resource management systems, • Update for the new sound insulation and vibration isolation systems. • Compliance Standards Environmental Commitments to vehicle repair companies. _____________________ Benefits: Participants gained multiple benefits relating to compliance with the Standards environmental commitments in their businesses and improving their knowledge. Above all, this activity has multiplier effects and benefits for the participants, since they created the framework for networking and future cooperation and for stakeholders who put the basis for a new partnership in European projects. This gives added value to the action because it creates an environment where besides skill development and acquisition of new knowledge for the beneficiaries, in parallel promotes a European collaboration environment. _____________________ The Host Organization is UVE GmbH and is based in Germany (Berlin). The country selection was based on the fact that the country is highly developed in this theme.



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