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EDUTRONIX – Interactive Education Module for Mechatronics
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The development of technology gives you a new perspective on the flow of information processes in machines and training the future mechatronics skills that are necessary in such work. At the outset, the partners identified in detail the real needs of market participants in training and mechatronic market, made a diagnosis of the problem of vocational training in this field, which allowed to construct a precise objectives to be achieved and activities along with the desired results. Then selected three partners whose business perfectly fits the idea of the project, ie. a vocational school and company from Poland, Italian educational center and research center in Spain. The aim of the partnership is to design, develop features, software and create a ready-to-deploy and integrate into the curriculum - the interactive educational module for technician of mechatronics during 24 months period. With its help, we will introduce new methods and tools for vocational training, which in practice will enable teachers and students to actively cooperate, in practice more effective and practical than conventional methods, as well as more expressive and efficient than the traditional use of technology in teaching. Direct participants will be: 1. Polish vocational school educating mechatronics technicians, 43 of its students and 5 of its teachers, as well as interested in cooperation vocational training institutions with similar or related policy; 2. Polish company and its 5 employees from working group for vocational training, as well as the companies concerned in practical side of the project, using similar solutions in business practice and production processes; 3. Spanish research center, and interested in the development of R & D in this area other institutions; 4. Italian scientific center and other entities interested in cooperation with vocational and higher education in the areas of mechanics, mechatronics, or engineering. The project is expected to: 1. Design a model for teaching mechatronics (the constant on-line access); 2. Develop of model assumptions used for research in the field of mechatronics education; 3. Design of the model utility for companies; 4. Software and model a set of assumptions for vocational education with the use model; 5. Preparation of interactive module and technical documentation; 6. Innovative implementation of interactive program in mechatronics educational using module. The method adopted in the implementation of the project and the cooperation undertaken in the framework of the strategic partnership in this area and because of its nature, includes: - Work tasks - place task of development and preparation of an interactive educational module for training in mechatronics profession; - Conceptual work - the concept of assumptions and functionality of such a module, supported by the training; - Design work - mechanical design, electronic control and software, supported by the training; - Developing solutions - verification of assumptions and functionality; - Design and testing phase - the preparation and testing prototype and test transmission; - Implementation phase - application in practice of vocational training. The first phase will show how to use the module in the learning process based on interactions, mainly the autonomy of decision-making and ability to assess the student's ability. In the second phase will be to clarify the task at hand and to establish the concept of functionality and usability of the device. Then the project will be developed in the form useful for application in practice, assuming structures present in the actual site of the future work of students. The model set of assumptions and describing the structure of the software will be complete only when the information will be included in the expected and possible behavior of all the elements of the module and their relationships in the process of teaching. A summary of the design is to construct a common model which plays a key role in achieving the goal of the project. The concept of the training program will be based on the created interactive educational module, where the strategy of acquiring knowledge and skills of mechatronic promotes active forms of learning through practical problem-solving, rather than the classic memory mastering facts. With these solutions can be eg. to improve the work of the schools, to improve the quality of education, to raise the motivation to learn and work, and how to support human capital which goes to companies that use similar solutions in business practice and production processes. The potential benefits of such a project in a long-term future is co-operation and exchange of experience, knowledge and good practices. It is also exploring practical solutions in education, development of professional skills and contacts and develop or transfer innovation.



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