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Educational Method Forum: Bridging the boundaries of non-formal education
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The seminar activity “Educational Method Forum: Bridging the boundaries of non-formal education” involves 50 participants from 27 Associations in 23 different countries who are responsible at national level in their Youth NGOs for implementig the non formal educational programme and managing the volunteers delivering it. The rapid changes in the structure and functioning of European societies calls for a permanent adaptation of the education provided to youth in all sectors: formal, informal and non-formal. Scouting is one of the frameworks that has provided non-formal education to young people for more than 100 years and this would have not been possible without permanent change and innovation. The exchanges of experiences and views among people dealing with defining the objectives, methods and activities within the youth programme has been instrumental in ensuring the best provision for young people all over Europe. The Forum is the best place for sharing information about the current trends in European youth, for exchanging best practices on education and adult training, for receiving training in new ways of working with young people and for evaluating the relevance of Scouting in todays society. The event itself is planned to be a benchmark of innovation, by using the creative training methods, new technologies and modern facilitation techniques. Context The Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey proposed this innovative seminar to several partners building up on the experience of these recent past years. Lately SGFT has been focusing a lot internally on refreshing and keeping update the non-formal educational programme offered to its members and at the same time ensuring high quality in the training provided to volunteers delivering such programme. An important aspect in this process has been the decision to get more involved in the European/international environment, more and more conscious of the richness offered by the exchange of best practices with other YNGOs engaged in the same field. The SGFT is effectively managing this project building up on their previous experience to enhance the scope of the exchange at European level. Origin Bearing in mind this background, the SGFT decided to move a step forward and organise, in partnership with other similar organisations, an European Forum, where national responsibles in the area of educational programme and managing volunteers could meet, receive training/information about the latest trend in non-formal education, collaboration between the formal and non-formal education sectors and share their experiences. This desire to meet and share knowledge on a field of common interest originates in the huge body of work undertaken by youth organisations all over Europe in analysing the relevance of non-formal education currently provided in the changing nature of youth realities. A meeting of the main people involved in defining educational proposals in various European countries could have a major impact in the way this is designed and implemented in the future and the Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey is ready and willing to coordinate such process. The main aim of the meeting to offer a contact point to the youth workers involved in designing educational programmes at national level in their sending organisations and to use the meeting itself for joint work on the following three areas: - Current changes in the life of young people and their communities (immigration, youth in inner cities, globalisation, new technologies) and their influence in designing effective educational programmes; - Preparing youth for adulthood: life skills and employability, entrepreneurship (with a focus on advocacy and youth empowerment) - How to integrate the Scout method in a formal education setting, best practices from association already working with the school system and ministry of education will be shared and discussed. The work achieved during the Forum will form a good basis for all responsible to analyse their current educational provision, evaluate its relevance and propose necessary changes within their organisations. It is expected that, by the end of the event, the participants will have: - Got to know more about the new main emerging trends concerning young people in Europe and their influence in the way the non-formal education is designed and implemented; - Understood the main elements related to preparing youth for the job market and its involvement in the life of the local community, thus the interconnections between non-formal education and the labour market; - Understood the interconnections between formal and non-formal education; - Worked on an international team-task linked to re-designing non-formal education in order to be relevant in present-day society; - Exchanged their experiences and examples of good practice



26 Participants partenaires