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Education through Information for the Young Generation
Date du début: 30 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 29 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project theme is based on the need for a deeper documented in writing press material as a poor documentation and publishing of unverified information may lead to misinformation and thus contribute to a number of negative aspects in society, spread of prejudices and superficial behavior in relation to various topics. In this regard, the objectives we have set are: - an improvment of the capacity of documentation by the young people regarding relevant information; - Monitoring by the young participants of the international actuality through quality standards regarding information; - Development of analyzes and case studies on topics of their choice from international news journalism using qualitative techniques under the guidance of experts At the project, 36 participants from 6 countries will take part, selected from different regions of Europe, as follows: Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, Italy and Romania. The young participants will not need to have experience in online communication or journalism, but they will be selected together with partner organizations after completing a short questionnaire and submiting a motivational material. By this way, we want to ensure that we work throughout the project with beneficiaries who are motivated and who want to use the set skills that we intend to achieve them with. The main activities of the project will consist of the workshop "Education through information", which will be conducted by the implementation team and facilitators contracted for this project. Beneficiaries will receive the necessary information in order to accumulate the skills and to achieve project objectives through non-formal education techniques, debates, open discussions and other methods that will be chosen by facilitators, as they feel they fit. The activities involve also a practical part, when the young participants will work in international teams that will conceive journalistic materials on the field of international actuality using the principle of education through information. In addition to these activities, which form the core project, we provided a number of elements that we want to boost the group of participants and create cohesion among them. Thus, there will be an "NGO Fair" which will be presented to the partner organizations; intercultural evening, a day multilingualism or viewing sessions of documentary films followed by discussion between participants and cultural visits. The practical activity of the project will consist of online materials that will be designed in the spirit of education through information and will be posted on an online platform that the host organization will collaborate on the project. The results of the beneficiaries can then be accessed by the general public, and they will be encouraged to continue the work of identifying quality information sources and output of materials consistent with values education through information after the project activities will end. Thus, during the 10 days of activities, beneficiaries will be encouraged to find solutions and to propose ways to carry forward these experiences. Finally, we want that among the beneficiaries to exist a growing awareness of the need to correct information in a dynamic and growing vulnerable society at the propaganda actions fueled by a weak assessment of verifying sources and information offered to the public.



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