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Education on the way: Introducing technology-enhanced informal learning.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In a world where technology seems to grow faster than what we sometimes are capable of assimilating, a new phenomenon is awakening among our european ans world-wide societies: the arise of new channels for (self-) learning and for the transmission of values (Tv, Internet, social media...). Even more impressive is to realize how effective this new channels can get to be under their informal/non-formal nature when blended with the possibilities of certain technologies (Internet of Things, wearables, social networks, instant messaging...). The global objective of the project is to facilitate, by means of utilization of new (common and widespread) technologies, the recognition and use of informal and non-formal learning (and its permeability with interdisciplinary formal pathways) in the field of adult education and training (including seniors as a fundamental part of the intelligence society), paying particular attention to the acquisition of personal, social and formal skills as well as qualifications and values. For this purpose, the project counts on the expertise of a perfectly balanced team of professional researchers, educators and technicians from Spain (SME), Ireland (University), Germany (University) and Romania (NGO). All of them with a long record of experience in the field of adult and senior education while making use of technology-enhanced learning environments and methodologies. The Ed-Way project will contribute to spread the advantages described before among educators, practitioners and facilitators through the creation of a solid theoretical background that will be published in paper and online/in electronic format. The transmission of this background will be additionally achieved by the development of an online training course that will include short professional video/multimedia productions that will be used according to the informal/non-formal nature of the project. This project is established on the solid basis of a milestone methodology and the distribution of the intellectual outputs and activities to achieve based on the partners' expertise and background. As a final result we will find a very innovative and updated contribution to train european and international educators, trainers and facilitators in the most current and effective methodologies in the adquisiton of knowledge, skills, qualifications and values. The own idiosyncracy of the Ed-Way project and its visual, open and free presentation format guarantees the broad and probably viral dissemination of these techniques and methodologies internationally in the pursue of a more evolved, qualified and humanistic Europe.



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