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Education of decision-makers and social services providers - quality in care
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Main objective of this project is to find and test an effective way of education for councillors and social providers, whose are for us the primary target group. Through this education should happen in this target group:1) to change attitudes to learning in terms of lifelong learning,2) to reflection of the fact that social development in municipality and respect of needs of inhabitant is necessary part of investment events and building infrastructure,3) to ability to respond to the changing needs of inhabitant and service users.Secondary objective in the long term is an open social dialogue about the development of social services and improve the quality of life of the population in the LAG SJN between representatives and residents of the municipalities, which are for us indirect participants. The project outcome should be a set of recommendations on topic “How to provide social services in rural communities”.The project is built on the analysis of problems and needs that we have made in our territory during 2014, when we were formulating the Strategies of Community-led Local Development. It was found that representatives of small communities do not have the capacity Number of participants: 33, Profile of participant: Councilors, providers of social services and other key stakeholders from regions. Activities and methodology which we will apply in project:1. Short-term joint staff training event Used methods: Baseline study, visual facilitation, work in national group, mind maps2. Blended mobilityUsed methods: Work in national and international group, facilitation, mind maps, empowerment, shared examples of good practice) 3. Workshops in participating countries Used methods: Work in national and international group, facilitation, mind maps, empowerment, shared examples of good practice, video recording)4. Creation of video documentary(En, Cz, Fr, Slo) 5. Creating a set of recommendations on the topic "How to provide social services in rural communities” 6. Creating paper brochures - design and content creation of brochures and its transfer into 4 languages: En, Cz, Fr, Slo7. EvaluationParticipants will gain skills that are essential for the analysis the needs of the population and for the efficient providing of social services. They will be willing to look for new approaches in the field of social development in terms of sustainability.Partner organizations will find ways to communicate effectively with the target group and they will start a long-term cooperation in the field of social development. This cooperation may take the form of further education in the field of community development or in the form of realization of the analysis of problems and needs of socially disadvantaged persons and the elderly. For which is the target group representatives of municipalities and social service providers crucial. Partner organizations (because of their collaboration with the target group) can become initiators of community planning in municipalities and rural areas. Partner organizations in this project will strengthen its position as educators of rural leaders.By implementation of the project and by using the results we expect better access to social services and sustainable solutions to social problems.If we manage to fulfill the intended goals of the project, the project has the potential for long-term sustainability. This sustainability we see especially in the crucial collaboration of representatives and social service providers. Due to Europe's demographic situation and the rapid aging of the population in rural areas, the number of potential clients will increase. Thanks to our project and other educational activities, and thanks to mutual cooperation, our target group can respond well the demographic changes.By our project will start cooperation between project organizations and the target group. It will educate and motivate key players in the region to seek and accept sustainable solutions. That will lead to social development and social inclusion of needy residens. Sustainability of the project will be reflected in the individual education plans that target group will create. The sustainability of partnership can be realized through international cooperation projects at LAG level, through international cooperation in other common fields (agriculture, sustainability of natural resources, education of youth, tourism).



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