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Education in Citizenship has to be VIP
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Education in Citizenship has to be VIP" (ECtobeVIP) is a project coordinated by the Spanish organization Gandia Youth Council - Consell dels Joves de Gandia along with a total 26 organizations from 21 countries of both the European Union and outside. This project consists a mobility activity of youth workers for attending a training course on human rights as the main axis. A total of 36 young people between 18 and 35 years with equal gender participation, taking place in Gandia between 4 and 12 October. The methodology to be used will be through non-formal education through active and committed participation of the participants giving them the opportunity to learn where they can meet your needs and expectations as far as possible and thereby ensuring the best results working . Workshops, dynamic , visits , talks... will be used to work on the issue of human rights, diversity , languages, cultures and equality. It is intended that through a major dissemination has impact multiplier and sustainable impact , is the participants through learning in this project to create ideas and future social projects in their countries of origin, the host community change vision about prejudices and stereotypes that already exist . It is about reaching young youth workers , opinion leaders , representatives of government agencies, and the local population in general. Contact with participants and these organizations will be maintained to monitor for several months to see the real impact has been through. With the 42 associationsfrom Gandia Youth Council - Consell dels Joves of Gandia , partners from different countries and experts participating in this project , the impact will be very positive and powerful . Some of the benefits expected to be obtained are more social participation , there is a greater cultural awareness , make more tolerance between people, increase motivation for young people to participate in mobility projects , creation of social projects , and as the establishment of contact between the participants after the project finished . Ultimately this project is an opportunity for young people to meet, share , learn from each other and use what they learn to improve the society in which we live.



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