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Education for local democracy and grass-root participation

LOCADEMIA - Education for local democracy and grass-root participation. The main aim of the project is the development of grassroots participation and local problem solving capacity, and development of adult people ability to learn, especially by use of concept of mutual learning. The target group of the project is informal adult education fieldworkers, who provide and generate knowledge and skills of rural population (small towns and villages), low skilled persons of Lithuania, Poland as well as immigrant communities in Norway and Sweden. The project team includes: informal education trainers, tutors, facilitators, teachers, local community fieldworkers and volunteers, mentors in family learning, health trainers, arts therapists, social workers, academics, business consultants, trade unionists, and politicians from Lithuania, Poland, Norway and Sweden. They share their experience and knowledge of informal, adult learning and self-education skills through the method of study circles and live action role-plays as well as other modern educational skill, using arts and music. The partnership resulted in: creation of the network of study circles in Lithuania, Poland, Norway and Sweden; increase of the use of ICT and innovative methods for lifelong learning; strengthening of local democratic participation. The experience of empowering of the rural and low skilled population is used for developing of universal study materials on democratic potential of study circles, which can be used for quality “spread of democracy” according to variuos EU development policies goals. Project experience is published on



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