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Éducation au développement durable : une réflexion internationale
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The activities managed by the volunteer are part of the “sustainable development’ project of the CD42. In this project, the CD42 wants to sensitize its member organizations on European and international questions. More specifically, the volunteer could take an important part in the project since he/she’ll be asked to work on a project concerning Europe called “European youth projects”, according to his/her skills, personality and ideas. He/she’ll also take part in intercultural meetings. To be concrete, here’s a sketch of the project: - Meeting with members, - Inform and create workshops about “Erasmus+” and Europe in our organization, - Accompaniment of member organizations in the development of projects. - Working with children and teenagers on the subject of intercultural meetings, - Creating media for a specific audience to question our place in the world, about North-South relationships, and “sustainable development”, - A big event on these subjects that could gather together all the members of CD42. The volunteer hosted will work very frequently with children and young people, in youth organizations, behind professionals. These actions are only examples. At first the person in charge of the project will back up the volunteer, and they will work together. The volunteer will gradually become more and more independent. But he/she can always count on the person in charge for help. The big event would allow the volunteer to work in a team project, with all the team at CD42. We will use Youthpass to valorize with the volunteer his work.



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