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"Education and ICT - Where do Teachers go?"
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main goal of the private schools "Serce szkole" is communication. That is why, teachers are constantly acquiring new skills in the field of communication with students, solving problems, playing roles, treating lesson as a social act and combining students' civil, educational and emotional skills. We are also focused on introducing these skills into the latest ICT technologies system. For a few years the school has been a national partner in the ecoMediaeurope project. That is why we chose a project about innovative approach, particularly games, to the school education. In other words, we want to teach the way, the students want to learn.Throughout taking part in international conferences school society feel a development in a European pace. Acquired skills influence the variety of teaching methods and the modifications in our lesson model.The ecoMedia conference: "Education and ICT - Where do Teachers go?"" , in Croatia, completely fulfill our training needs because it discusses two standpoints on education we are interested in: technological and social, in the international context.Five teachers of different subjects, who understand the importance of improving the qualifications, take part in the project. They realize how essential is to implement innovations and the newest techniques into the teaching process. The teachers will be chosen through enrollment. The most important factor will be motivation and training needs. They should also speak English quite well because the conference in Croatia will be held in this language.The project operations are based on two levels: the mobility and the preparatory and enforcing activities in the country. During the mobility we are going to take part in numerous trainings on the topics like: the future of education, teaching including the use of ICT techniques, gamification, digital skills in practice. Acquired knowledge on the topic of the latest trends in education based on the using of various types of games and the possibility of getting know good practice from many countries and schools will have a tremendous impact on improvements in professional and personal skills of people who teach in our school. The presence at the ecoMedia conference gives also an opportunity to compare representatives from many countries, cultures and language traditions from the point of view of sociology. All above will contribute towards making teaching more interesting. Moreover, it will help to modernize our school and make it more attractive. Due to such actions the school prestige will definitely grow in European dimension.