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Education à la Santé des Pairs par les Pairs en milieu carcéral
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Peer Education for health in jail” aims to implement a dynamic of health education, in different European prisons, in term of improving prisoners’ quality of life and contributing to the reduction of social and health inequalities due to detention. The project targets to enable each prison health care team partner to set up a group of Inmates Health Contact. Inmates Health Contact is a group of prisoners that receive health training from the prison health care team. That training focus on various sensible health topics such as: hepatitis, AIDS, tuberculosis, nutrition, hygiene, scabies, communication.... Inmates Health Contact group is trained to become resource persons for their peers. Their mission is not only to be resources, but also to set up awareness campaigns according to the reality of their prison. They organize prevention campaigns, actions and projects around topics chosen according to the health problems in their prison, in order to promote the quality of their health. Health education is an important issue in jail. Living conditions are difficult (promiscuity, bad quality of buildings/blocks), and health risks are significantly presents (high prevalence of tuberculosis, HIV, drugs abuses, suicide). Therefore, it is important to combat these risks and enable inmates to evolve in a healthy environment in order to preserve their integrity and their social reintegration. Hygiene, physical and social well being, and entrepreneurial spirit, are basic skills that prisoners has not often the opportunity to develop or maintain. This project is then an opportunity to develop these skills. To enable the integration and the follow-up of the group Inmates Health Contact, in a prison, the project “Peer Education for health in jail” develops a training programme for medical personnel partners. Thus, these health care teams will be able to establish and train Inmates Health Contact to public health issues. The training of medical will concentrate on health education, procedures to establish an Inmate Health Contact group, group motivation, analysis of group facilities and barriers, project management and sharing experience. The project therefore, includes two groups of participants: the prison health care team (doctors and nurses) and the group of Inmates Health Contact of the same prison. In this project, eleven members of two health care teams from France and Luxembourg will be involved. Each health care team will be responsible for the establishment of an Inmates Health Contact group in his establishment. At the end of the project three results are expected: 1. A group of Inmates Health Contact is established in the prisons and implements projects that the group is trained for, such as sensitizing on health thematic (poster and flyers on prevention, sensitization via evening debates, advocacy ...). 2. The group of Inmates Health Contact is known and recognized in the prison by the medical staff, management team and other inmates. Prisoners are aware of Inmates Health Contact actions and consider them as the group of resources for advises access to prevention materials, or reorientation to skilled services. 3. The health Care teams carry out continuous training and management of the Inmates Health Contact groups. They can help the Inmate health Contact group methodologically and scientifically (theoretical knowledge) and reinforce the group to implement projects and set up different activities. In this way, a real collaboration between health care team and prisoners which facilitates the reaching of healthy and respectful environment. With these results, a series of impacts are expected: - First of all, the participants (health care teams and Inmates Health Contacts) have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills from training, and put it in practice through different projects. - The project also has an impact on prisons partners. In fact, the Inmates Health Contact group and health care teams work together to improve a healthy lifestyle and a healthy prison population. - With the project “Peer Education for health in jail” we also aim to present the advantages and opportunities of educational/pedagogy by actions and participation, health education by peers, and thus motivate other prisons, and other health care teams to form news Inmates Health Contact groups.



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